CAmedia 2.0

Hey does anyone know how to resize pics off Camedia 2.0
Wanted to put a mug shoot of my self up on the boards but do not know how to resize the picture.
Any help out there. This computer thing does not go well with me

I have a camedia but I don’t know what the actual model is. All I have to do is go into the program that came with the camera, click on the picture, click on the image tab at the top of the screen, scroll down to and click on resize. After you get to this you have to resize the pic, so that it is 350 pixels or under. Hope this helps.

I have an Olympus w/Camedia and it sucked so bad (very hard to use) I got a card reader and now just open the memory card like a removable drive, move the pics to my hard-drive and edit them using IrfanView - a free program that is very easy to use. Search on Google if you’re interested.

I’ll give it a try although I didn’t see any where to resize I may have missed it

Jason is right cuda… It’s easier than properly adjusting the “6 pack” on a big mopar, that is for sure.

Usually you will find the resizing ability in the edit or tools tabs of various programs. Just make sure you do a “save as” when you save your resized photo, otherwise you will overwrite your original with the smaller quality one.

You could save the pic somewhere. Then open it with Windows Photo Editor. GO To Image>Resize. If you make the longest side (height or width) at 480 pixels, it should post fine!

I have an Olumpus & have no problems with it. I use Photoshop for all my resizing/cropping, etc.

Ok well it will be later tonight till I have a chance to try it out . Also I hav ehad a few people willing to resize it for me if I send it to them.
Am excited to get my face up here.