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Cambered Squat Bar vs Straight Barbell?

i tried these yesterday and they felt good. What exactly is the benefit compared to straight bar? i felt a little more tension in my back coming out of the hole

Are you talking about the cambered bars like the Kabuki ones?

this thing

My experience with cambered bar is the weight feels less fixed. The weight will shift forward as you forward flex and basically try to pull you forward a little more so than a standard squat. I always felt more focus on low back and it was more challenging to keep upper back locked. Westside guys use this bar a lot for good morning variations as well as squats. I always liked using one when I had access to it.

That’s my take
On it. Paul may feel have different feel for it.

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I’ll tell you one thing, my lower abs are fucking sore from that thing. Lots of stabilization in the
Hole needed.

Can be easier on the shoulders because you can hold it lower down. Generally makes squatting harder too. Pulls you forward and down like a safety bar, only a bit more aggressively because of where the weight sits.

Hmm can it be said that this bar would emphasise negative feedback from straying from your centre of gravity/straight bar path because it’ll feel shit

It was a nice change of pace, and my abs and ass are sore so it’s loading a little different than traditional back squat.

I can see how this would really benefit a PL trying to build the deadlift.

The one in the pic of there really challenges your stability. Which can be ok if you’re trying to develop that.

But here’s one thing I’ve learned - it’s really not true that training with more instability makes you more stable. You simply get better at developing motor patterns needed for those unstable situations.

Matt Wenning likes to preach that you need to use more unstable methods like that bar, but again, specificity will always reign in strength development.

So if you want to get better at using unstable methods, then you’ll get better at that. But it’s not going to make you better at anything else most likely.

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