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Cambered squat bar for sale


Also great for good mornings, Zercher squats & carries. New, never used. $160 + $30 shipping. PM me for pics.


Pro strongman David Hansen using the Silverback cambered bar with 675lbs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fQj0XNw22pg


Dude I swear you better still be around in a couple years when i try and open my own gym because I will be a great customer... you should also start looking into making 3" fat bars... Just trying to say, there's a demand and I will be a customer, again just in two years.


It'd be great if you could make this rackable by increasing the length of the bar on the top part


The bar is rackable on the squat rack. In the video Dave has a poor man's monolift setup!


Ah that's great. I've been seeing the stuff you've been doing on facebook and definitely will be using you as I start adding more pieces of equipment to my gym (whenever my car stops bleeding me dry).


You need to reorganize your priorities. :slight_smile:

I'm definitely interested in this bar too. I'm starting a program that's similar to the WestSide Barbell. I'll need this bar and two others to mix it up. My current bar is currently curved from falling of a squat rack onto a bench with 600+- pounds of weight on it. It's a little off center but, it was free!

I too follow you on FB and have chatted with you about it.


I know I know. I was going to buy a SSB yoke bar (had a coupon and everything for EFS) but sadly my priorities are miserable and I decided it was better to get my car fixed to go to work instead of stay home and train all day. With Anson's great prices and quality I'll probably be buying this cambered bar before I get a SSB bar.


Thanks guys! About 10 years ago I messed up my shoulder in a snowboarding wreck, this made it painful to squat with an Olympic bar. The shoulder is still not quite right, but with the cambered bar I can forget about the shoulder and squat. Not being able to squat is an unspeakable tragedy! The cambered bar is also a great way to mix up the squat workout.


still available?


I'm sure this question is embarrassingly basic but, what's the purpose of a cambered squat bar (besides using it for squating)? Is it center of gravity related?


From EFS...

The cambered squat bar is an excellent variation to a straight bar for several reasons. First, because of the camber of the bar, thereâ??s more stress on your posterior chain and less on your upper back. Because your hands are near your waist when squatting, itâ??s very difficult to squeeze your upper back. This will force you to keep your middle and upper back arched.

Second, the cambered squat bar is great to relieve stress on your shoulders. With a straight bar, your shoulders are held statically in an external rotation. This stress can be grueling for a larger lifter and those wishing to increase their bench press.

Finally, the cambered squat bar requires you to remain extremely tight when you squat. This is because the weight tends to swing forward and back when lifting. The box height can vary when using this bar: below parallel, parallel, or several inches above. A close to medium stance is used when using the cambered squat on max effort day.