Cambered Bench Bar Question

Hi Jim,

Just read your article above on the cambered bench bar, and at debating buying it to pair it other my power bar and football bar.

Only question is how often/how long I should use it for in rotation with my other two bars when benching?

In my opinion I´ve found that there is no real reason to switch bars until you stall in a lift, just like you would switch out the lift for another variation. Then you after you would stall with the cambered bar you could switch back to the bar you were using previously.

Gotcha, you don’t think I’m playing with fire -shoulder wise-using the cambered bar?

From what I´ve read and heard from old powerlifters, they use the cambered bar now because they´ve f***** up their shoulders during their career using straight bars. So I think that mixing up the two or more is more beneficial for strength and longevity, using the straight bar at first and then mixing in the cambered bar to give your shoulder joints a little rest whilst adding numbers on your Bench.