Cambered Bar or Safety Squat Bar

Recently came into some money, and deciding between picking up one of the two. I’d be using it ideally for squatting (duh) and good mornings, as the straight bar tends to role for me. I figure both would be good choices for my shoulders (I’ve dislocated my right shoulder four times, and still have flexibility issues on occasion), but trying to weigh the pros and cons.

Any opinions?

I’d take the safety squat bar, myself.

More challenging than the cambered bar and has the advantage of having a larger contact area on the shoulders, reducing pain and possible nerve insults.

All reports are that it really forces thoracic extension because of having to resist the downward torque (the weight is slightly foward when racking) - which can only make the upper back stronger and thicker.

You can also hold the bar in the front, which makes it easier on the internal structures of the shoulders.

I really liked the SSB when I’ve used it.

Well, if you want a bar to squat with that doesn’t bother your shoulders, get a buffalo bar.

If you want a bar to do go mornings, i would get a cambered bar. I like the cambered bar because you can really load up the weight on good mornings with them and still place it low on your back with absolutely no shoulder strain.
The safety squat bar is harder for good mornings because the bar is places higher than a barbell would be placed.

I would say it is actually higher than if you use a manta ray on your neck and squat. Also, this bar is cambered forward which will also make things more difficult. Harder isn’t a bad thing as it will put more emphasis on your quads when you squat and it will work your whole back (upper and lower) on good mornings. If you get this bar, get it with the long handles. I noticed if my elbows are sore, i don’t like using this bar.

saftey squat bar, I was lucky enough that my gym bought one thinking that because its padded that it would be great for bitches to do squats with. Think again.

Thing will rip your head off…

Im a low bar squatter and there is like 100-150lbs difference in my strength from barbell to that bar.

I have both. I would chose the cambered bar for squats if I had a choice. Seems close to a real squat without tearing my shoulder up. I think it’s too easy to stray from good upper body squat form with the SSB. ie keeping shoulders low and shoulder blades pinched together.

I have had dozens of dislocations on both and surgery on one. My cheap 4" camber bar never bothers my shoulder.

I do love my SSB for doing GMs and very high rep squats.

If you’re going to get a second bar, I think more sense to get a Buffalo Bar because you can use it for Sqauts, GMs, and Bench as well.

As far as the two in Question, I prefer the Camber Bar mainly because I can move more weight with it, but the SSB may be the better choice.

I’d say the Safety Squat Bar would be a better choice if you just had to get one.

Keep in mind you can use the Cambered Bar to do Zercher Squats with and it’s pretty fun to use for heavy GMs.

If you’re a weak Squatter, get the SSB. If you’re a weak Deadlifter, get the Cambered Bar. That’s my very humble opinion.