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Cambered Bar Converter


Anyone have any experience with these?

proloccollars .com/products-shop/camber-bar-attachment.html

I have low ceilings in my basement so my overhead pressing has consisted of seated or kneeling, but I’d like to get some standing back in. I was looking into making a cambered bar out of 2"OD pipe and fittings, but this seems like a better option overall, and is only like $40 more expensive.


No personal experience, but I’ll say that pressing a cambered bar isn’t really going to be like pressing a barbell. More like pressing a yoke. You’re going to have to account for some swing factor and stabilization. Still a solid exercise, but not quite the work around you’re envisioning.


Hey thanks for the response man.

I figured it would be a fairly unique movement, exactly for the reasons you described. Certainly not a perfect alternative, but another tool to work with.

P.S. solid recommendation for the galvanized home depot pipe for an axle!


Ask them the weight limit of these things. They look well made so should be right but often they can’t be loaded very heavily.


Good call. The number I got back for the short arms was 495 which is more than enough for anything I’ll ever be doing with them.


Don’t forget Brian Schwab makes a very similar product called OBB handles or something. Maybe worth looking into.