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Camber Bar Squat

I have been using the cam bar squat for the past few weeks (3), in hopes, that because of the center of gravity of the bar, it will help stop my problem of falling foward with my strait bar squat. Has anyone else tried something like this befor? Did it improve your regular compition squat?
Thanks in advance

Louie Simmons uses camber bar squats, 'nough said. But, if you’re falling forward my first thought is that you’re pushing with your legs and that is driving your butt up first. The proper techiniques is pull your hips through, heads moves up first, hips move last. Good luck. jamej

I don’t compete in PL so I’m not sure how exact the carryover is, but they’re a hell of a lot more comfortable.


The cambered bar is a great tool for changing the center of gravity.

As for your falling forward, the bar will be much more useful for the goodmorning. The load this bar places is very taxing in this move and will fix your problem for sure.

Actually the SSB would be a better tool to fix faslling forward, wouldn’t it? Puts the center of gravity forward forcing you to push back with head up and chest out.