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Camaro Vs Mustang


Who would win and why?


Camaro. It gets killed...
...and then comes back to life.


2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS
Base Price: $30,995 | As Tested: $35,000 (est)

The six-speed manual, 3.45:1 geared 426 hp Camaro SS was the quickest car of the group by a wide margin, stomping 60 mph in 4.9 seconds and running through the 1/4-mile in 13.0 seconds at 111 mph. That speed is particularly impressive considering the Camaro SS weighs almost 3900 pounds. On the road, the V8 has enormous torque and can pull away from lesser cars from less then 2000 rpm on the freeway. At idle the big 6.2-liter rumbles ever so slightly. And we like that. Still it takes full throttle and some revs to really hear this motor sing, so a more aggressive exhaust tuning is needed. Back at the track, the SS stopped from 60 mph in an incredibly short 107.8 feet. Credit that particular number to the serving tray size, 14-inch front and 14.4-inch rear Brembo brakes

2010 Ford Mustang GT Premium
Base Price: $30,995 | As Tested: $35,626

This year, the Mustang is fresh from a mild refresh of the successful 2005 redesign. But any Mustang fan will be familiar with the basic powertrain. The 4.6-liter V8 remains largely the same and now makes 315 hp. Our Track Pack-equipped car came with 3.73:1 gears and a five-speed manual. Okay, so compared to the larger displacement competition the Mustang's horsepower number seems, well, wimpy. But the key to the Mustang's persona and performance compared to its rivals is weightâ??or more precisely, lack thereof. The Mustang GT weighs 3500 pounds. That's about 400 pounds less than either the Camaro SS or Challenger R/T. So the relatively modest horsepower meant our Mustang could still hustle to 0-60 mph in 5.6 seconds and run through the 1/4-mile in 13.9 seconds at 102 mph. The 4.6-liter sounds good rumbling down the street or revving at the track, with an amplified version of the traditional V8 howl any motorhead kid will peg as a Mustang from three blocks away. Though Mustang is down a gear from the six-speed Camaro and Challenger, the shift action and clutch take-up is smoother than either of them. The braking performance was rather unexpected: It stopped from 60 mph in only 110.8 feet. That's only three feet longer than the Brembo-equipped Camaro took to do the same job.

Summary:The Camaro has slightly better performance. Almost a full second better on the quarter mile and .7 secs faster on the 0-60.

Personal opinion: The Camaro just looks better in general. Combining that with the better specs, I know which I'll pick.

Info taken from http://www.popularmechanics.com/cars/reviews/comparisons/4309423

Edit: I know this is a review of the upgraded version of each car.


Dodge challenger is the sexiest.


Challenger. It is the smoothest looking of the retro body styles. Thatthing is dope. Camaro comes in 2nd.


Obviously the Camaro. It would just transform into a robot and break the Mustang.


Er...yeah. But the new 2011 mustang gt has the 5.0 cammer motor that produces like 411, and stomps the camaro again. It's sorta funny, every year since the beginning or the two cars the camaro usually made a little more power, but was always slower regardless.



the camaro looks sexier from the rear. if there are any turns in this race, impreza beats both.


The Camaro is faster than the Mustang and I kinda like how it looks more, but everything I've heard from people who have driven both is that the Mustang is a better-handling car and is more fun to drive than the Camaro.


Yes!! It looks so darn good!


I am thinking On Star and being able to shift from manual to automatic puts the camaro ahead.


I would back this up with a video clip, but my youtube-fu is failing right now. But as we all remember, from the greatest documentary of all time, Bumblebee the Camaro stomped Barricade the Mustang.

/thread based on supreme accuracy of Michael Bays documentary


2011 Mustang is a better car.

The Challenger is a pig.


2011 stang is the fastest of the american cars, hell the 2011 v6 mustang almost puts out the same power as previous gt's. But alas the challenger has those dirty stripper girl looks...

An impreza? kill yourself now


take a seat (better yet a drive) in both (or all 3). I would be suprised if you still liked the camaro very much afterward

my first impressions (not driving, just Sitting in car show)

challenger-exactly what you expect. I loved it because of this, everything is where you would expect it to be, tastefully retro, and comfortable. I wouldnt buy one because its bigger than I'd prefer and expensive, but some would probably say similar things about the origional

camaro-I seldom feel small (at 6'1") in a car, but I did in this. I didn't feel comfortable at all, the dashboard was very high and visibility was pretty terrible all around. I would not feel comfortable pushing this car even if it can perform

mustang-nice retro feel, just wasnt my personal taste quite as much inside. With the new 411hp 5.0 litre, I'd love to give this a drive and see if it lives up to the hype. I would just want to get a racing seat to drop the position a bit and the OG seat felt like it would leave me sloshing around a bit if I were driving hard. Everything else I"d love to drive. All the shootouts leave this one on top and I suspect I'd feel the same way, again just from sitting in them and on paper, not actually driving them yet


After I finish college,Im actually thinking about getting a Challenger. It oozes Testosterone.





being able to shift from manual to automatic...I think this is the car you're actually drooling over. http://2011aveo.com/img/aveo.gif

Anything but a manual in a performance car is retarded, unless its dsg, which is acceptable. But not in something of this caliber. The challenger is just a lazy attempt by dodge, it's the same damn car as the charger/300c/magnum. I mean come on, same drivetrain and frame. Honestly I think the trio of these are girls cars though, I prefer something a little more raw in a muscle car.


Mustang. I've always loved them. And I agree with Tyrant, to hell with an automatic. Does not belong on any type of sports/muscle/performance vehicle.


I did and the Camaro has features like "remote key engine start", holographic window projection of the speedometer and radio stations (you see the numbers on the windshield while driving), On star and heated leather seats.

But the stang looks better to me....and drives like my motorcycle. The camaro seems..."heavy" and "big" to me. The mustang feels like you could do drift racing with it.

What is the equivalent of On star or is there one? If someone takes your car with On star, they can't drive it more than 10mph until the cops find it.

Another thing is how low the mustang is to the ground. I test drove it and scraped the front end twice getting out of steep drive ways.