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Camacho's Training Log


Hello everyone! New to this forum… I always wanted to keep log of my training but I never got to it,.
I’m a powerlifter and I compete in the 198 class… My best lifts are 501/292/628 Im really trying to get my bench up but it seems like I can’t get it to move. But its a work in progress! Hope you guys enjoy! I will be starting this series next week! Thank you!

Update: Past few months I’ve gone through some changes in my training/ diet the reason being is that I wanted to see how I felt being at a lighter weight (even though I was already skinny as fuck)
I decided to go through a cutting phase to see how my body composition would look… Well I went from 194 all the way down to 180 and man! what a big change! Of course my strength suffered from this cut but it didn’t matter to me cause of my injury (hamstring) I wanted to take a bit of a break from powerlifting. and concentrate on recovery and development. With worked out to my favor! I feel great and look great! So now its time to really take it up a level and start moving some weight again! Gonna take it slow though and try to see if i can bring my numbers back up again cause as of right now I’m no where near those old numbers of mine lol I’m excited to get back into my powerlifting groove and get on 5/3/1… This program has always worked wonders for me and I can manipulated as much as I want. So I’ll try to post as frequent as possible… due to my schedule and school work I’m gonna be a little busy but I really wanna dedicate to posting on this Log. Thank you guys and stay strong!