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Calvin and Hobbes


Recently the complete collection of this strip was published in a 20-something pound, 3 volume hardcover.

Anyone else here like me who thinks this is probably one of the greastest pieces of literature ever? I grew up reading Calvin and Hobbes, and can't wait to get my hands on one of the collections again. It's brilliant and hilarious on so many levels.


I used to read calvin and hobbes all the time..i have 6 of the books.im with you, i think its probably the best comic ever created.


Calvin and Hobbes is ranked right beneath The Far Side, and Bloom County for the best cominc strip ever.


I love Calvin and Hobbes. I think we have almost every book. We also have the whole Bloom County collection. I'm too young to get half the jokes but I still like it. I also like Dilbert and Get Fuzzy.


I have all the Far Side and Calvin and Hobbes books. My daughter loves them and reads them to my son (he doesn't get any of it but laughs his ass off anyway).

For me, though, Bloom County rules. I still have my "Don't Blame Me, I Voted for Bill the Cat" shirt.


Death Tongue!


14 letter expletive= Snugglebunnies


I saw it in the book store the other day. I was in awe. It looks very scholarly in its leatherbound edition. My favorite one is when Calvin is doing push ups and struggling...1...2...3..., then looks up at God and yells, "Reward now, please!"

Will have to put it on the Xmas wish list.


Holy... shit. There's a hardcavor edition of ALL C&H cartoons? I WILL PAY IN THE HUNDREDS FOR THIS. Calvin & Hobbes is by far one of the most marvelous pieces of art as an all encompassing genre that I have ever experienced.

Also, if you don't have it yet, get the 10th Anniversary Edition of Calvin & Hobbes, it has some cool commentary by Bill Watterson. My favorite quote in that whole thing is when he says "I think I studied writing to become a better cartoonist." This guy was a genius.


Move over Milton, Byron, and Blake....Calvin and Hobbes are up in this piece...

It is the greatest comic strip I've ever read, and I have probably four of the books. Not to mention I saved the last Star Ledger with the final one in it when the strip ended. Man I miss them.


Calvin and Hobbes was the greatest ever. Bloom County was a close second back in the day.


Does anyone remember the animated Bloom County Christmas special, "A Wish For Wings That Work"? I think it only played on television once. Every year I bring out my increasingly worn-out VHS tape of it and me and the kids have our annual viewing. Forget Rudolph and the Grinch, that has become our Christmas classic.


Check it out at amazon for $100. Reviewers say it's a work of art too. Very heavy leather in a case or something like that.


As a huge Calvin fan I wanted to chime in also and say that I love the presentation of the book. If you ever have time check out ucomics.com they run the strips everyday. Ff you dont purchase a membership you get like the past two previous weeks I love reading them every morning before I start my day. I frequent Calvin, Boondocks, Foxtrot.


Who're Calvin & Hobbes?


C&H are awesome


The thing I like best about Bill Watterson is that he didnt want to "sell out" and be real commercial with calvin and hobbes. If you notice, there are no official calvin and hobbes shirts, stuffed animals, or cartoons. (All those stupid calvin pissing on ford or chevy are illegal, but they are so small it wouldnt be worth going after them for copyright infringement) He had to fight the syndicate for this, and gave up a ton of cash to boot.

Now hes almost a recluse, he doesnt like to do interviews or anything, hes just painting in the woods. I read an article that said he is burning his first 500 or so paintings, because some artist said those are just "practice".


One of the best books (can't remember what it's called) was published for the 10th anniversary. It featured strips that Bill picked out himself with his comments underneath. It was really, really cool to read what he said about the characters and what he was thinking at the time.

Incidentally, one of my friends here adores C&H and has tons of them in Spanish. It's really strange reading one of your favourite comic strips in another language, especially when you've already seen it and you know the joke. For example, his club G.R.O.S.S had to be seriously translated to allow similar word play in Spannerland. I found it amusing.


$80 at Costco.

Well worth the price. It's one of those odd volumes that you will put up on the shelf, die, have your worldly possessions sent all over the place and one of your descendents will be laughing their ass off a couple of generations from now.

Great thread, by the way.