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How much room do calves have in a powerlifting program? As far as I know, they don't have any practical use, but of course they're visually appealing. I was going to start using conjugate periodization, and combine it with the Luke Sauder Calf Routine. Any reason not to?

Calf Routine:

I'd do day 1 of the calf routine Monday, Day 2 on Wed.


Some people see great calve development by never even doing any direct work, just doing usual compound lifts like deads, squats, cleans...Genetics may play a small part, at least initially.

Ive heard from others that specifically train calves 3-4 times a week and are finally seeing results.

As soon as I started sprinting, my calves blew up.

That workout is a good one, I say give it a go.


drag a sled and your calves will become cows.


All the heavy squatting, deadlifting, and pin pulls (see Jim Wendler's article on elitefts) will indirectly build your calves. And I agree with Jlesk, sled dragging will also make your calves grow into calves. I took my sled out for some 200 yd drags yesterday. After you've dragged 100 yds uphill and through long grass, those calves are burning.


I posted a Calf shot in the other recent calf thread...

I do 200 bodyweight calf raises every morning and do a weighted calf set on my leg day. I gotta admit, I love the look of huge calves.