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having done no direct calf work in a fair while (only O lifts), i decided to throw some calf raises in at the end end of my workout 2 days ago. Both the smith machine and the squat racks were taken as were the leg press machines (it must have been “leg day”). I decide to use the calf raise machine. It kinda sucks cause it only holds about 250-300lbs. No worries i thought, i’ll just do high rep stuff, hey it better than nothing. In about 2 and a half minutes i had done over 100 reps on this piece of shit, “feeling the burn”, something i haven’t felt in a while.
The next day i felt fine and did about 50min of cardio. However this morning i could barely get out of bed. My calves are about to pop, they are swollen like nothing else. I am walking like i have a carrot in my ass. not good. hopefully its gone by the weekend…
i guess this is what eseclin (sic) feels like…

Same here, I just did a calf isolation workout about 8 days ago after several months of no dircect calf work, and I am STILL sore.

I agree that the calf raise machine sucks (are we talking the 45 degree one?). I’d love to work my calves with this machine, but the damn thing will only fit 5 plates on each side - not nearly enough for the low-rep explosive work I’d like to be doing. That’s why I don’t work calves.

same thing happened to me about a month ago. i changed work out programs and was a little tight the next day and ran for the first time in a long time. it is the sorrest i have ever been. my calves were so tight i had to stretch them every time i got up so i could walk w/o looking like i had club feet. it lasted about 5 days.

ibuprofen dosent help. just have to keep walking. sit down for more than five minute and they seize up again… not cool
a lesson learnt