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After 6 months out of the weight room I’m coming back into shape very rapidly and having a lot of fun hitting muscles I’ve never hit before on the Ian King 12 week upper and lower body programs (“limping into october” and “12 weeks to super strength”).

My concern is that the programs include no calve-specific exercises when calves are my biggest problem (I’m generally skinny, but my calves are REALLY skinny).

Could someone recommend a way to get some calve work in? The program specifies 2 upper-body and 2 lower-body workouts per cycle. Does that mean I’m supposed to only work out 4 days per week, or is only taking 2 days off a week (so each upper and each lower body workout separated by 2 days)?

Right now I’m taking 2-3 days off per week. If I used a day off or 2 to just do calves + abs, would I be at risk for overtraining? I don’t use steroids or have the money for mag10 right now but do eat well postworkout, so average recovery rate applies.

I’ve seen the really good calve workouts in the previous issues – it’s not that I don’t know how to work out calves – it’s that I don’t know how to integrate calve work with the 12 week program.

Hi, 2ms. Go ahead and prioritize. You’re in the gym roughly 4 days a week. Hit the calves twice a week, first thing. They’re not a large muscle group. I don’t feel that it would lead to overtraining. Try alternating between standing and sitting calf raises, and also alternate between a 5x5 (for strength) and a 3x8-12 (for hypertrophy). That would be 4 different calf workouts, and you could just repeat in 2 weeks.