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ok I love to hit my calves really hard when i work my legs. recently they’re beginning to get very large, but one head of the calve is looking much larger than the other. the inside muscle (on my right leg its the left one and my left leg its the right head) are much longer now than the other. Does anyone know of any exercises that would help build the other up? or is this just genetics or what? any help would be appreciated, thanks.

Try doing unilateral movements. Single leg calf raises on a leg press machine are good for balancing out size and strength. Also do single leg seated calf raises. Always start with the smaller/weaker one and do equal number of sets for each leg. Stretch your calves also.

Try different foot-width spacing during the exercises. Wider, right next to each other, etc.

Pointing your toes more inward/rolling off the small toes instead of the big toe might help develop the lateral head. However, the lateral head is usually smaller anyway, so you’re probably normal.