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Calves Workouts?


hey guys newbie here, been doing gym for a while now and i just wanna ask is what are the exercises for getting big calves because my calves quads are big but my calves are small so any exercises for getting big calves?


Weighted vest walks and agility drills.

My calves are probably the best calves in the known universe. It might be genetics, but I believe a major part of it is that I walked a lot as a teenager/young adult, and still do.

I also play football (as a DB), basketball (as a guard), and tennis. All three require a lot of sprinting at full speed, planting a foot to stop, and then accelerating the opposite direction.

I never fiddle with calf raises or the like. Again, maybe some of that is natural, but I don’t think I get calves like mine just from a stoned father and absent mother.


Pretty much what the guy up top said. Focus on muscle mind connection. Calf raises barbell or seated . running and walking a lot with def help with the growth. Like when your on a tredmill dont you notice after you get off your calves are burning. And another tip after your done doing leg presses use the tips of your toes to do 20 calf raises on the press inbetween sets. Good Gains!


Get on a proven program, eat to win, repeat until desired body.

No, it will not take 8-12 weeks.

Think years.


Look up kai green calve workout, hit calves parallel , toes in ankles out, ankles in toes out, then measure them 2 weeks later.


Get fat. At least 20lbs overweight if not 40lbs. Walk up alot of hills. Enroll at the University of Pittsburgh and try to get to your damn classes at the top of Mount Olympus.

Worked for me.