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Calves Two Times a Week?


i really wanna beef up my calves ive been training them like any other body part, once a week. but it got me thinking, calves have the most resistance and are a small muscle group, doing them twice a week (sunday & thursday) a good idea for getting em bigger? or am i better off sticking to once a week? if it helps im on the juice.

also if you got a good calf workout let me hear about it.



Calves are one of those muscle groups that are mostly genetic. If you find that after doing them once a week, they aren't progressing along with your other body parts, i would up the frequency of training calves. Some train them 4-5 times a week.


I agree with Sloh. I believe it was TC that said if you have a lagging bodypart, you can train that bodypart 3-4 times a week, 2-3 sets each day, to help it grow.


calfs like forearms are used to constant strain, thus you need to work them often and unfortunately work them past pain...

For calfs I have found that you need full, I mean full rang of motion... All the way down (heels way pasted your toes) then all the way up (on your big toe)

I read that you need extreme weight to stimulate the calf...
Mine did not grow till I used the heaviest weight but used the full range of motion and shot for reps in the high teens topping out at 20...

Calves are very painful to get to grow so remember that when it starts to hurt that is the beginning not the end of the reps..

Allays go to failer, can't totaly finish the full range...

The Pain will be exsqisate......



I train mine twice a week. Once stressing the Gastrocnemius, and once stressing the Soleus. I've had better response in the past couple of years than all my time training.



I stand on the bottom stair holding a db and do one leg at a time 15-20 reps from bottom stretch to top until that searing pain gets in, then get out a few more, just shy of failure. Lightly hold onto the banister or whatever for balance. Stretch them for while before and after. Not the most complete calf workout but it's an exercise you can throw in any time, and it makes walking a bit weird in the minutes following!


ok thx guys im gonna up my calf workout and see what happens.


Oh Yeaaahh!!

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Lotsa weight and I agree more frequency should be fine for calves. A lot of people underestimate how much they can move with their calves. Just watch your back and don't lock your knees for standing raises.


Personally I don't think there's much point training calves until you are a decent weight for your height.


Not to criticize, but the general wisdom is that "the juice" is for very experienced lifters/BBers. If you can't figure out a basic component of a routine, is "the juice" really necessary at this point?


Try 4-5 times. Hit 10-20 sets with a heavyweight. They'll grow.