Calves in pain.......can't walk.......feels like i got shot

Yo, I did 10 sets of 10 on calf raises with my lifting partner and today i can not walk or straighten my legs without extreme pain. Anyone else ever have this problem? Acitominophen is NOT doing the trick… aight, i gtg rip a line of codien now, tata. ~Porchdawg

That’s not a problem. It’s perfectly natural after that much work.

Better stretch them tomorrow, get some blood flowing in the calf muscles - that’ll help them recover and reduce soreness.

like 30 mins aftery ou wokrout stretch them for 20mins, really cuts down on doms for me

I’ve heard acitomenophen can make muscle protein synthesis worse. Stretch and do cardio.

First thing you should realize that tylenol is for pain and not anti-inflammation… if you can’t walk, fuck it and take some alleve or advil… you’ll get more protein synthesis by being able to walk to the gym tomorrow than staying home and not doing shit:P I really recommend alleve as a good anti-inflammatory (keeps the swelling down…and relieves pain)

Once I ran a 5k after not running for months and I couldn’t move my calves at all for 2 whole days. Stretching helped the most. That and avoiding stairs. I took to crawling up them
hope that helps,
Adam Marshall

Stretch 'em… and then go for a walk to get the blood flowing… helps me alot!

Get in the pool & do some water walking etc(unless its winter where u are) A recovery session in the pool is a favourite with Footy teams.

Been there. Try a program of stretching, movement exercises (point your toes, do figure eights, etc.), ride an exercise bike with lots of toe flexion, ice cup massage, lie back with you feet straight-up to drain the blood and lots of vitamin C and E.
Best of Luck

Congrats! You have just completed an effective training session. Keep stretching! They won’t be nearly as sore the next time you hit them that hard.

I heard from a guy once that taking down a tablespoon of baking soda will take the soreness out quick. Ive personally never tried it I just stretch real good before and after i exercise.

No no…no. You don’t understand, I seriously can’t even walk like a neanderthal without extreme pain. It takes me 5 minutes to barely stand up in the morning. I am taking 4-AD-EC right now and eating obscene amounts of food so this should help. STRETCH THEM!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA, it feels like they are going to tear in half if i stand up straight.

Stretch, massage and repeat until you feel better. Don’t try to stretch much since you probably can’t. Just stretch as much as you can and massage. I used to get the most horrible calf cramps at night (which means I got no sleep at all since I’m slightly insomniac to begin with), and that’s waht I did.

If you’re truly crippled, go get a sports massage or ART, if available…to help you work it out.

That actually happened to me once. The situation was beyond stretching. Get a pro to loosen it up for you so you CAN stretch.

If you really want to relieve the pain and do not want to impair protein synthesis I would suggest going to your doctor and getting a prescription for Vioxx or Celebrex. In theory they should not reduce PGE2 production (which is important for protein synthesis) like aspirin or NSAIDS like ibuprophen may.

You had better start moving them, because scar tissue is forming and unless you move them your range of motion could end up becoming more limited.
If they are really. really bad. Get to a Physical Therapist and start having them ultra-sound. This should prevent the forming of scar tissue.
Best of Luck.

OK, last night i un-pussified myself and decided to stretch them no matter how bad it hurt. I only got so far in the stretch but my calves feel a whole lot better today. I might be able to walk correctly tomorrow with limited pain I am predicting. Thanks for replies. later. ~Porchdawg

hey,i suspect that your muscles were not accustomed to the sudden change in intensity or volume.i think that crippling pain is not too good as your next workout will definitely suffer(provided you have recovered by then).
just my 2 cents.