Calves for Healthy Knees & Bigger Lifts?

Not asking these for aesthetic reason (although its not a bad thing). I was wondering if calf work (standing and seated) is beneficial to raw powerlifting. I heard people said that it helps with your walk out but imo if you wanna get good at walking out, just walk out every time you squat.

I did see in most westside training, they include seated calf work and I heard people said that it is good for your knee joint just like hammer curl is for your elbow joint and the stability for your bench.
Do you think Calf work does any good for the powerlifts and your knee joint? (Please dont tell me it wont hurt my progress either or it won’t take long to just throw in a couple sets.)
If yes, seated or standing? Thx a lot.

Calves can help stabilize you for dead lift and squat. How you choose to train them is up to you.

This is not an answer to your question, but you may want to think of hitting the tibia anterior muscles, merely to help with injury prevention. Having a tight front of th calves doesn’t help the rest of the body function properly.