Calves: Deep Tissue, Cupping, Graston?

I’ll make this quick. My calves have been ridiculously tight as long as i can remember.
I started going to deep tissue/sports massage therapist to see if that would help at all.
He did some deep tissue, manual release, cupping, and graston stuff on them. They do feel looser, but the lower half of my calves are still sore/tender and have some redness to them.
This was a month ago. Has anyone come across any issues with these techniques?

I use a normal pvc pipe and roll my calves on it. In a position like sitting down on your butt. Using bodyweight. I just had general tightness not focused at the bottom like yours.

I’ve had graston done on my calves and I get discoloration, but only for a day or so. Same for bicep tendons and mid back.

One time I got cupping done on my pec and it was this massive dark purple nastiness thing for like 3 weeks.