Calves and Forearms

I like to think I have relatively strong arms and legs. My quads, hams, and upper arm development are things I’m happy with. However, my calves and forearms are embarassingly small and extremely disproportional. I don’t and have never used straps.

I do a bodypart split routine, and it’s pretty straightforward. I have also tried TBT.

I’m willing to bet this has come up before here on T-Nation but I couldn’t find any helpful articles or threads, probably because I didn’t know what to search besides “calves” and “forearms”

If anyone remembers the name of a good article about this or has any advice to share, I’d appreciate it very much.

A recent article on grip training should be helpful, along with one called “old school grip training” or something…off the top of my head. pretty straight forward stuff, good luck.

I think the key is to use heavy weight and do it often. Definitely hit both from all angles.