Calves and ABBH

I was wondering if it was possible for me to take out calves in ABBH, without ruining gains for the rest of the body. I read somewhere that all the muscles had to be worked on in order to produce the best hypertrophy. But in my case, my calves are too big for my taste and I would like my other body parts to catch up. Is there something else I can replace it with? Maybe some arm exercises? My calves are 16.5 inches and my arms are a mere 13.5 inches btw. At 5?7? and only 155lbs, it looks weird on me. And thing is, I never worked calves in my life. On another note, what good are big calves for, functional wise? Thanks

let’s trade calves :slight_smile: sorry, this didn’t help

If I were you I’d continue working calves and wouldn’t worry about the seeming imbalance. Your arms and other body parts will most likely catch up with your calves over time. At 6-2+, my arms are 18 inches (cold) and my calves are just over 17, about an inch bigger than they were before I began working them seriously. I’ve had to brutalize them to get them to grow that much. So go on and work them…and consider yourself fortunate that you’ve got a good headstart on calf development.

Hmm, ok i’ll try keeping them in and see how it goes from there. It was just that I thought my calves grow too well. My sis has huge calves too, seems to run in the family, her calves are almost my size, except shes 30 lbs lighter and a few inches shorter than me. Now thats disporportionate. She walks around a lot more than me though so that could be why. Anyways, thanks for the advice.

Do you walk on the balls of your feet more so than the heels? I know I have done this since I was a kid… espeically in the house so I wouldn’t be stomping around as I walked on the bare floors.

Anyway, walking this way (walking like an Indian) will give your calves a lot more work than resting your weight on your heels.

man, no more post complaining about how big your calves are. This is like Jessica Simpson saying her breasts are just too big, and bouncy, supple, perky, soft mountains of flesh…sorry I have to go for a minute.

Well my calves are big too. So when I did ABBH, I did not do calves. I did hamstrings instead. Also you could just not calves instead.