Calvert and Milo Barbell

Yesterday could have been considered a High Volume press day. 23 reps with average intensity of 63%.

Today, Low Volume (by choice, not by coins)

Press: 95# x 3 x 3
Deadlift: 255# x 3 x 3


  • My formula seems spot on now. The max velocity today, 1.14 m/s, maps to 76% 1RM… and 95 pounds is 76% of 125.04 pounds. Can’t get much more exact than that.

  • My “time to add weight” threshold I’ll set to somewhere around 68-70%. 1.3-1.27 m/s, respectively.

  • First day of school starts today, so more time to lift starting tomorrow.

  • But, because of the competition qualifier stuff, I haven’t decided when/how to work the rest of the Calvert routine back in.

  • Right shoulder is still bugging me, but finally seems a bit better today than it’s been. Been doing some different stretches. Trying to bring the resting posture of my right shoulder backwards by stretching the pecs/front delts by stretching my arm backwards using the wall, shelves, etc. Other stuff didn’t make any real dent: ibuprofen, acetominophen/paracetamol, voltaren gel, hanging, high-rep raises, band dislocates.

  • Everything is a bit sore because of yesterday’s intensity, however. Sore, not painful.

  • For general joint fussiness (and the fact that I don’t have any collagen in my right elbow…), I ordered some collagen and glycine, and will be taking it with Vit C per this article by TC: The Collagen Users Manual
    I never had luck with alternatives such as MSM or Glucosamine or Chondroitin. I don’t have high hopes, but worth a trial.