Calum Von Moger Stack?

What gear do you guys think calum von moger is running? I like is arnoldesque look. I have always found that look to be more astheticly pleasing than the bloated monsters you see today in b.b.
He appears to have almost 0 sides as well. I am guessing he blast cruises test all year because of photo shoots and what not. And maybe some tren?

Do you think if you take the same drugs as him, you’ll achieve the same body?

…cause that’s the most bat-shit-looney-thought I’ve heard.

No dumbass I don’t. I asked what people thought he used. Also yes certain types of compounds make you appear a certain way there is a reason old school body builders look different from today’s. Obviously you can’t just follow someone’s stack, training protocol and look exactly like them though. There is this thing called genetics.


all the pros use the same thing, just in varying amounts depending on their individual response

I am sure most of them do. But this guy doesn’t have the gh/insulin gut. He looks exactly like Arnold and they only used promo, deca, and dbol back in the day. I guess what I am getting at is if you stacked up all the b.b. From the 60s and 70s that were primarily using just those compounds and compared them to today’s b.b. There would be a night and day difference. Everyone obviously would have their own unique look do to genetics and training style but the overall theme would be the same. So maybe this calum dude just running a few basic compounds at moderate doses?

Like I said before: same shit everyone else does in varying doses.

You can keep asking the question but you’ll still get the same answer

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He doesn’t have a GH/slin gut, so he probably doesn’t use either compounds.These compounds are probably the biggest difference from todays guy’s vs Arnolds era, that and a higher amount of mg /wk of steroids.
Arnold era steroids, dbol, deca, primo, winstrol, anavar, equipoise. They didn’t seem to use much test like is common these days. Dbol is reasonably androgenic, but I would still be doing a min of 200mg/week of test in your stack to make sure you don’t decrease your libido.
Find out what substances work for you, and in what amounts. Start off conservatively. Subsequent cycles you can increase mg until you maximise results. Reduce if the neg side effects are too much.

Let’s try out… I don’t like this kinda subject but is cool trying to find out what guys are using… haha… let me see… hummm…

He’s heavy, very low bf and dry year round… so

I’d say

1000mg test/ w - sometimes he goes down to 700 or 500 just to recover (cruise)
700mg tren/ w
700mg primo or bold

sometimes he uses anadrol (100/ 150mg per day), when he’s very dry and very low bf… anadrol get him a little wet but add super size and monster pump, and when he’s super low bf and dry, increases his visual without wetting too much.

maybe some dianaboleta (50mg/ day) when not using anadrol or superdrol.

He’s not a big slin user, BUT he uses… that’s for sure! somewhere around 10 to 15iu with some refs… HGH use is medium, 6 to 10iu day… good one, not this fucking chinese, USA pharma grade HGH, looks like saizen/ genotropin/ or maybe some bergamo (Hormotrop), he’s aways full and little bit of water, looks like very good HGH…

He’s always fast mode! This guy uses high doses ephedrine or salbutamol/ albuterol, caffeine, clen… I don’t know, whats the combination, but it’s combination of 2 or more of what I said.

T3 around 80mcg and T4 around 200/ 250mcg

Sometimes he looses size, just watch his videos, he keep low doses for a while, some super TRT doses of test and some HGH is always there… but he looses a lot of size for one/ two months… right after that, he grows like a mother fucker, night to day!

haha… this is cool… I do incorporate some of GH15 for that! hahah…

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Is that you calum lol

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