Cals/Protein in 1kg Boneless Chicken Breast?

Was wondering how much calories /protein is in 1kg of chicken, so many sites vary so i came here to check in about it.

Planning to eat a kg of chicken per day as my main source of protein.

If it helps, i’m going to boil them.

That’s measured after cooking, so be careful.

For weight before cooking the typical break down is 20-24g of protein per 100g of chicken.

Good luck. It starts getting to be a real bitch to eat for me after 400g or so unless you’re making some damn good chicken or are just hungry.

Sweet. I’ll just gonna roughly assume 1kg is between 200-250g of protein.

I at 500g of chicken for breakfast, then another 500g later around lunch. I’m not sure why i enjoy eating a lot of chicken. I add flavoring of course, either sweet n sour or butter chicken to it on top of rice, can eat this shit all day.