Cal's Log

Hi, thought I would introduce myself here. I am 49 and have been active most of my life, but never seriously stuck with weightlifting until seven months ago. In my youth I raced bicycles on the road and track. Over the last 10 years, I have mostly been active in ocean swimming, completing the Alcatraz swim a few times (sans wetsuit) and the Waikiki Roughwater several times along with some others. Nothing super long like the English Channel though, I get bored after a couple of hours!

I moved to Australia from the States a couple of years ago and this last Australian winter got me going to the gym to keep busy and focus some of the rage (current suck ass job situation) I have into productive pursuits. I found this site and decided 5/3/1 was for me and I have completed 6 full cycles. I wanted to up my game on squats so just finished the Smolov base meso protocol. You can read about it over that away: First Week Smolov Completed - Powerlifting & Strength Sports - Forums - T Nation

This week I am twiddling my thumbs a bit as I recover from Smolov and prepare for a PR test to see the effect of Smolov on my squat. Once that is over, the tentative plan is to go back to 5/3/1 through summer and then do a full smolov base and intense meso cycle next winter. I will probably get back into the water for a few swims, maybe do a few of the 2km Bondi swims, but nothing much.

My weightlifting goals with no real time frame to meet them are a 3 plate (140K) bench, a 5 plate (220k) squat, and a six plate (260k) deadlift.

Although I feel good, I am taking this week easy to recover from Smolov and get ready for a squat PR test. I went light on everything today and did notice I wasn’t real snappy which I attribute to still recovering.
Started with Reeves deadlifts. I really like these as I get a huge range of motion and bonus grip work. So far I have done enough grip work that I don’t need straps for real deadlifting and am working on keeping it that way. I perform them from a dead stop, no bounce, no tap. They really work the hands and I find sets of five have me breathing heavy.
Here’s the workout (post warmup).
Reeves Deadlifts
80 kilos 5x5
45 kilos 5x5
Lat Pulldowns
54 kilos 5x10
A bunch of pretty boy bro curls to end the workout. Biceps are like boobs, more for showing off than anything else, but why not?

First, welcome.

When you talk of a goal at damn near 50 of a 6 plate deadlift, what body size are you attempting this with? I am about 5’11" and 205lbs at 44 and it damn would be nice if I could reach that. I suppose with swimming you have your cardio worked out, and you are just into spring down there, don’t let the great whites bite.

Thanks for the welcome!

I am 6’1’ or 187cm according to Oz immigration. Currently I am a fleshy 235 pounds and would be slim and trim around 215 pounds. My legs are stronger than my upper body so my bench is godawful while my legs are pretty decent. Before Smolov I could pull comfortably 165 kilos for a double so I expect next time I test a PR I should be close to 180/4 plates. I think setting a long term goal of six plates seems realistic but difficult. I find I work better if I have some big goal in mind, with lots of little goals built in along the way. Ultimately, the goal is just the next workout but I know it fits into the whole structure of the big goal(s). I have four college degrees, each one started with a dream , then an application, then a lot of busy work until one day they handed me a piece of paper and started asking me for donations.

So far no sharks, they are more bitey in W.A. (Western Australia) and I am east. Five people did get ate last year so they are out there. For me, I just get bitten by a load of jellyfish. On one swim last year I don?t think I made it more than 100 meters at a time without getting stung. No jellies or sharks in the gym, only have to watch my toes and not drop the weights!

Hey, I will take the sharks and jellies over the Sydney drivers though. Tijuana cab drivers have nothing on the Aussies.