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Cal's Big Log II: The Revenge

a little cheer :slight_smile:

Hey Cal, just checking in with you. My Halloween plans involves a long airplane ride and that is it. I hope you are in better spirits today. The elderly parents thing is indeed a real downer, and pretty much all of us in our age group have got that goin’ on. You aren’t alone there.

Thanks for the well wishes. I’m OK.
Didn’t do much yesterday (still too sore). Sunday is usually gymnastics day, except there was no class this week due to the facility being used for a Crossfit seminar or something. I had planned to do a long run instead, but the sound of driving rain deterred me. Went to the gym instead.

Negative pull-ups: 4 x 3 (these really hurt - my lats and bis were still fairly sore from last time. I sucked it up, though).

Rack pulls: 5 x 60kg, 5 x 70kg, 3 x 80kg, 1 x 90kg

More experimental than anything. Concentrated a lot on form.

Did one set of dips and decided my shoulder wasn’t up for that today. So…

Assisted pull-ups (parallel grip): 3 x 8 (-25kg)

Did some bridge holds between sets.

Straight arm pull-downs: 3 x 8 x 20kg

Hypers x 30

Then a set of, uh, not sure what they’re called. They’re a prep exercise for forward roll - you hug your knees to your chest and then roll on you back and try and get your feet on the floor. Did some of these anyway.

Hypers x 20

Then some more of the roll things.

Then did some practise forward rolls around the corner where the instructors weren’t looking. Heh. And a lot of stretching.

Way to suck it up and do the pullups anyhow… Got to do what you got to do sometimes. Like to see the bridging work going on here, I am a fan of them. I like wall walking to, hope to get good enough to bridge from a standing position - but need to get a lot more practice in. Currently I am distracted by trying to get a freestanding handstand down.

Anyhow good work!

I’m a long way off a handstand, but I’m working towards it. I have to take my time as persuading a 43 year old body to do weird things it couldn’t even do when it was 12 takes some doing.

Yeah… the handstand will take a lot of time to get down. If you’re not inclined to doing them at a young age, it’s going to take some time to do them as an adult. Oddly enough, even as a fat kid, and now as a big-bodied man, I can do them, as well as walk solely on my hands quite gracefully. Not to brag, but I found it pretty funny the day I tried them. It’d been a very long time since I had tried. Good stuff, though, ladies. And KEEP AT THE PULLUPS! You’ll only get better by doing them.

Keep at it you will get there. Here is some inspiration for ya.

This guy is a stud! Check out his other videos if ya get time, total off the wall random kid type stuff going on with him.

I think it’s perfectly alright to take some time to evaluate your life, even if that means feeling bummed for a min. Great that you acknowledge whats going well for ya, but as far as having someone to sound off to, well, theres about 15 of us who would listen to ya anytime.

oh and yeah, halloween for me is homework. so, we can have an egathering of nerds or something.

How old is that guy on the hut? He was up there a long time. I kept waiting for the tubby fella in the green shirt to fall off the end of that thing he was on, but it didn’t happen.

And Bear (and everyone) - thanks for listening to my introspections. It’s basically that I’m an only child. I’m not unfriendly - I get on well with most people. I’m just very self contained and I need my space, and sometimes I forget to make contact with other people. One of my old colleagues described my behaviour as autistic (she was half-joking, with the emphasis on half). Well I did score a 30 on that test that’s doing the rounds on Facebook - anything above 32 is considered autistic. Obviously I take these internet tests with a pinch of salt but it’s quite funny.

I do admit I prefer to talk to friends online than on the phone. I have a slight horror of the phone, actually. Which is part of the reason I sucked at being a recruiter.

I think he is 55 yrs old. I can’t remember for sure though.

well, when you decide you dont want space anymore, you know where to find us. autistic or not.

come to think of it, do you mind fudging the other 2 points on the facebook quiz? i cant really say I know any autistic people, and if you were, i could say i know one. highly functional, at that.

Heh. I do - there’s a guy with full on autism in the coaster club and he loves coasters but he’s in a little world of his own. He isn’t what you call high functioning, though.

Saw my mum today - she’s very frail now and can’t get around. I noticed she got markedly worse between August and September and she can’t get around at all now. I think she’s given up, to be honest.

On the plus side, I have no lower back pain after doing those rack pulls yesterday. Some stiffness in the thorassic spine, but it’s nothing bad. So yay.

Ran 9.5 miles. Been putting this off for a while but it was a reasonably mild day, the trees are looking lovely and I couldn’t think of a reason not to go. Ran it in about 1:40. Arse hurts like crazy now. I’ll be OK for this 15K but it’ll get painful towards the end. It’s little things - the sciatica starts in at around 5 miles, then my left little toe starts rubbing against its neighbour, my achilles starts to grumble and stuff like that. Lots of little things that built to a crescendo of discomfort.
I’m going to ART tomorrow - first time since June. Can’t really afford it, but damn I need it.

Yea once you get past 5 miles running it starts to wear on ya unless you are used to it. I ran a 10 mile race in June and about mile 7 I was having some issues with the little stuff that felt HUGE at the time, just cause it was all I could think about.
Um yea I got a great Massage therapist that does ART on me and it hurts like a mother but I always feel better(eventually…). I usually feel like hitting her while she is doing it though :slight_smile:

I thought it was Wednesday today. It’s Tuesday. So my ART is on Thursday. Silly me.
Yeah, I’ve nearly kicked mine a few times when she’s been doing my calves. I swear if she was interrogating me I’d have told her everything.

note to self, how to get secrets out of Cal…

Or you could just get me drunk. I’m fantastically indiscreet after a few drinks.

[quote]Cal Jones wrote:
Or you could just get me drunk. I’m fantastically indiscreet after a few drinks.[/quote]

Gosh, I would buy you the drinks to see that!

I went to ART today after a solid week of hill-climbing on the bicycle and it hurt alot. I, however, am not a wuss and will take it without flinching.

If your mom has given up, I can’t really say as I’d blame her. That was a rough hand to be dealt. I do hope she improves, though.

I don’t blame her either. In her shoes I wouldn’t want to be around. Once your dignity goes, that’s the end of it as far as I’m concerned.
Anyway, bedtime for me. Gym tomorrow, I reckon. And a lot of stretching.

I am a doofus - my ART was today (I just thought yesterday was Wednesday for some reason). Was nice to see Nicole (my torturer) again as I’ve not been since June, so I was excited to tell her all the new stuff that’s gone down since my last appointment. She worked on my hips and said they were somewhat out of whack, so she fixed that.

Also told her about the gymnastics and rolling around on my head so she gave my neck a good cracking (she’s also a chiro). Then I mentioned the left ankle sprain, as an afterthought. She took a look at that and said the ankle was all jammed up and she gave that a good yank and got the ROM back. I guess the ankle is why the hips are out of whack.

Hips and calves were painful, shoulders not so much. I’ll go back after my 15K for sure, but also possibly before if the sciatica continues to dog me. Hopefully, though, it won’t be quite as bad now.