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Cal's Big Log II: The Revenge


I can't believe I've exhausted a whole log...I suppose that means I'm no longer a TNation noober. Link to the old one: http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_women_training_performance_powerful/cals_big_log?id=3365269&pageNo=0

So, to recap, not really a stirling year in terms of training. It got good for a while, then it got bad. I've been dogged by injuries, got fired from my old job, had to deal with ageing parents and heaven knows what else. But I've also got a new job as a PE teacher in a primary school, passed my gym instructor course and am more hopeful about the future.

Tomorrow I'm doing an adult gymnastics class, which should be most amusing given that I'm dyspraxic. I don't have a burning desire to do gymnastics, but I will have to be teaching kids to do forward rolls and handstands, so if I can see how it's taught, and get to grips with some of the simpler moves, it has to help. (Hopefully I won't injure myself. Although that seems to happen quite often, lately).

I will report back tomorrow evening. Unless I broke my neck. Which hopefully, I won't.


Gymnastics is fun!


I always though gymnastics would be fun to learn. I hope it all goes well for you!


ive found gymnastics to be helpful in more than one area of my life.

take several classes, and increase your awesome.


Throat was scratchy when I woke up - not a good sign (it still is scratchy, actually) - and hips were sore as hell from yesterday's hell run. That's something new. But I took the tube out to East London and Crossfit, which turns out to be a tiny little facility crammed into a single railway arch.
There were several sweaty people doing deadlifts (workout of the day) when I arrived, and the place is small enough that those waiting for the next class have to do so outside, in the rain as it turned out. (Good job it was just drizzle).

I was pleasantly surprised to see that it wasn't a predominantly female mix - there was one woman other than myself, and five guys, plus the female instructor. The class itself was pretty hard work, but it was fun. I have issues with the forward roll - I can do it to a point, but my big arse acts like a counterweight making it hard (well, impossible, currently - I'm working on upgrading that to hard) to get back to my feet. Backward roll was challenging but less so - I found I could do a backward roll into a straddle. There were also some drills to prepare us for handstands.

One thing I wasn't expecting was that I actually got a bit nauseous from all the rolling around. I had a protein shake earlier but I think that even if I went completely fasted, I might have issues. I'll have to see how that goes.

The other good thing was that I got chatting to one of the guys after and turns out he is a teaching assistant at a west London school who helps with PE, and he's going to give me some advice about teaching.
So overall, thumbs up. I've booked for next week too.


I love the new log name. RAWR!

In regards to dropping everything to be with the parents, honestly I wouldn't do it either. It doesn't sound like screwing your current situation would actually help them any. If there is a selfish, cold, unfeeling bitch club, give me a membership card.

What I think is all kinds of awesome is that you are going all out to do a new-to-you job well. You never expected nor planned to be a PE teacher, but now that you are one you'll be the best damned one you can be.


Hey Cal..

thats cool you found something new to do!

too bad about the soreness/and throat ache..do you take glucosomine(SP?) or extra Vit C at all?


I suspect that, being around children a lot, I'm going to be exposed to a lot of viruses. I think this is one trying to get out. I've just had a cold, though, so hopefully I have enough antibodies to deal with it.
I take glucosamine/chondroitin/MSM and I had some extra vit C with glutamine earlier. I'm also taking Rhodiola currently. (Not to mention fish oils and Vit E).


and don't forget handwashing!!

and this is the season for colds and junk, sorry to say. I think thats why a teacher invented this stuff called airborne, cause he was sick of getting sick!


I want a bitch card too plz.


Throat is still scratchy but hasn't developed into anything worse. Yet.
I am hurting in a lot of new places today. Hips are still very stiff from Saturday's cross country race, but now I am also very sore around the traps (rolling around on your head will do that) and have mild DOMs in the abs and forearms.

Did a yoga class - didn't feel up to anything more strenuous. No headstands this time. The stretches were needed.

I also saw the results for the cross country. I wasn't last - there were three other women behind me, and six people didn't finish at all. I feel slightly better knowing that. Time came in at 55:32. Given that I'm a 10 minute miler on a good day, and Saturday was not a good day (seeing as I had to stop and walk a few times) I'm thinking the course was more like 5 miles rather than 6.

Also realised my final 10K of the year (next Sunday) clashes with the gymnastics class so I had to cancel that and rebook for the following weekend.

I just realised I've not done actual weights in over a week...


gymnastics!!! i wanna do back hand springs!!!


I'll be happy with a forward roll where I don't end up stuck on my fat arse.


Went to the gym. It'd be fair to say that I pottered about the gym. Did a few presses, a few attempts at chins, some rows, some dips (my shoulder wasn't feeling too bad) and pulldowns but nothing major, actually. Sore throat is gone but I'm still fighting off something - I think my immune system has the better of it - and I also had the squits this morning for some reason. Not to mention still sore from gymnastics.

So yeah, not a brilliant workout but I got to the gym and did something, which is OK I guess. Did a lot of stretching. Flexibility is important to me at the moment, more so than strength.

Weighed: 10 st 12. So 2lbs down on last time, but that might be water (I was PMSing last time). I'm not too fat, though. Waist is 27.75", hips 38.75". I'm carrying fat but it's not disastrous. I want to drop at least 5lbs though, to get down to my "feeling happy about myself" weight. Ideally I'd like to be 10 stone nothing, but I've not weighed that little in a decade, so we'll have to see about that. Generally I put weight on during the colder months, then get disgusted with myself around Christmas and peel it all off again between new year and March. I'd very much like to avoid that this time. Running around at school will help but obviously I need to keep an eye on my eating habits on the days I'm not there. It's very easy to sit at the computer and munch.


Whatever your weaknesses are in food, just don't buy it to have around. Easier said than done, I know.

Your waist/hip differential is amazingly sexy! You and Betty both.


i'd be happy to make myself get to the gym.

even if it was pottering around.

i tend to get disgusted with things around thanksgiving, esp after the Halloween nonsense. this year though, im claiming kcal to heal injury type things... yeah... thats it...


Hey Cal!

You've certainly had an interesting year, and I've really enjoyed following along. Its so exciting to see where things have taken you both in your personal and professional life and in your training. And what's most exciting is seeing all those things run together - children's phys ed teacher?! Who knew?!!!

But I love it! And I hope this opportunity leads to more interesting and exciting opportunities that you can share with us!

And by "share with us" I mean videos of your dyspraxic self doing gymnastics moves...kthx!


No gymnastics this weekend - 10K tomorrow instead. Unfortunately, the class the following week has been cancelled so I won't be able to go for another lesson until the 24th. Bah.
Did some light gym today - didn't want to cane it as a) 10K tomorrow and DOMS would suck, and b) lower back is twingey. Most of the stuff I did was bodyweight, actually. Did a lot of stretching. Getting closer to a side split now.
Still 10 stone 12 (152lbs). Hrmm.


splits - nice. I have enough flexibilty for the lotus...and a few x-rated positions but forget the splits. Good luck on that run Cal


Can't do lotus since I sprained my ankles. Feet won't bend that way without a lot of pain.
Forgot to mention - mum's back home with a full time carer. Dad's had his op and is apparently doing well. Things seem to be OK with them for now. Whew.