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Cal's Big Log 3D - Attack of the Giant Arse


New month, new determination, new log.

Link to last log: http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_women_training_performance_powerful/cals_big_log_ii_the_revenge

I've been a very bad girl this year, in so far as I've been indulging too much and not doing enough to sort it out. I have achieved some good things - I survived my first year as a PE teacher and organised a swimming gala and a sports day. I ran my first half marathon, finishing in 2:18. And I've been working on my gymnastics skills and have made progress in spite of my dyspraxia.

However, I have failed to achieve a pleasing body composition and am now in the embarrassing position of finding none of my clothes fit. This must be remedied.

Current statistics:

Height: 5'7.3 (1.71m)
Weight: 11 stone 4lbs (158lbs/71.6kg)
Bodyfat: 26.6% (according to machine - probably not accurate)

Neck: 14"
Shoulder Girdle: 42"
Chest (pecs, above boobs): 37"
Waist: 28.5"
Bellybutton: 33"
Hips (widest part): 40.5"
L Bicep: 12.8"
R Bicep: 12.5"
L Thigh: 25"
R Thigh: 25"
L Calf: 14.75"
R Calf: 15"

I would like to drop a dress size, basically, so I can fit back into my clothes. That means getting my hips back down to around 39" and my waist around 27.5". If I can get rid of more, great, but I want to be realistic for now. Ideally I would throw in some sprints and the like but my foot injury means I can't run, much to my disgust. I am looking for alternatives.

I do not want to lose muscle and strength but some compromises must be made and my focus, for August at least, is on cutting.

August 2nd



20 hypers
20 reverse hypers with V at top
20 clams (per leg)
20 single leg hip thrusters (foot on high bench) (per leg)
20 overhead split squats using a 5kg body bar (per leg)
20 bosu ball squat/sit up combo

Move to free weight room then:

10 step overs in the power rack (pin 7)
10 step overs (pin 9)
The number is the holes from the bottom. I don't think I'm going to be able to raise the bar any more because it's close to my crotch already.

100 Step-ups (50 per leg, alternating): 8 risers + step

Box Squats

Bar x 20
30kg x 15
40kg x 10
45kg x 8
50kg x 5

Bar x 10 (no box)

Concentrated on getting my hips forward. Getting my arse off the box is the hardest part, no doubt because it's like a big counterweight. Once I'm a little way up I can use it to push my hips forward and then it's easy.
Worked on my hip mobility between sets. It's still not great - left groin kept locking up over the weekend. I guess it is pissed off because of the stretching.

Leg Extensions

30kg x 10
40kg x 10
45kg x 10
50kg x 10
55kg x 8 (+2)

Doggy style leg curls

2 x 30kg x 10 (per leg)
(+2 on second set)

Leg Press

80kg x 10
120kg x 10
140kg x 10
160kg x 10 (+2)


Took just over 90 minutes. I was sweating like a rapist because it's hot and humid, currently, and there's no air con in the free weight room. Ugh.

1 hour walk outdoors


7-8am - glutamine + 1000mg vit C
2 mugs of tea, skimmed milk

11.30am - 2 scoops whey protein, 2g fish oils

4pm - 2 scoops whey protein, 2g fish oils

6.30pm - 1 can of tuna in brine (drained), olive oil + balsamic vinegar, 2g fish oils

Throughout day - tea with skimmed milk

I realise this isn't a lot but I'm not intending to eat like this for all of August - I just don't have much appetite today as it's hot and I'm using this to help me regulate my insulin after a weekend of cupcakes, chocolate and ice cream!


I just wanted to post in Cal's new log.

and to say that I totally DIG her accent.

isn't that weird?


I wish you nothing but the best!


Solid leg day for sure. You should be feeling that one tomorrow. How on earth do you not puke after tea without food?



new log.

love the pic. bad thoughts ensued :wink:

edit: just got caught up in your old log. you look so pretty in that boat pick.


Cal, you little hottie, nice new log. Great pic.


DocL - not sure I understand you. Are you asking how I can drink tea on its own or how I can work out on an empty stomach? If the former, I'm English - it's my national drink. I'm very used to it.

If the latter, I'm an ultra-slow digester so I cannot have anything in my stomach when I exercise or it'll come back up. Back last year I ran a 5K three hours after drinking Metabolic Drive and I could feel it in my throat for the entire run. Kept it down but it was a close call. Also the reason I use whey now rather than whey/casein blends.


EYEAH :smiley: Great pic Cal :slightly_smiling: NEW LOGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG


Thinking you look just fine. From a fiscal standpoint, I can understand your frustration, but from a man's view...you are fine. :wink:


Alright so you don't get lonley, I'm joining the Cal-vary of dropping a dress size too, since we are so close in stats, although I think I've put on an extra 2 kilos. I just have to go and think about how I'm approaching this though. What's going to be your food strategy?


Low carb, for the mostpart. A couple of strict days yesterday and today to reduce insulin resistance (not that I'm sure that's a problem for me - but it can't hurt) although tomorrow I am due to go out with friends so I am trying to be flexible. I'll up my veggies once I can be arsed to go shopping. Right now I'm sitting in waiting for my supplement order to arrive (sigh). It supposedly left the depot four hours ago - I need to get on and do stuff!


August 3rd

And fuck it's hot again. I hate it, my PC hates it, I wish it would rain. Now that's out of the way, on with today's training. It wasn't great, but then I didn't eat much yesterday so I can't expect miracles.

Upper body:


20 lateral raises
20 front raises
20 overhead presses
20 curls
20 hammer curls
20 L raises
20 bent over raises

Some dislocates using my towel. My right shoulder is a bit cranky.

Military Press

Bar x 10
25kg x 10
27.5kg x 10
30kg x 7

Bit better than last time but I tweaked my levator on one of the sets. I do this sometimes and the pain does go away after a bit but it doesn't feel good. Consequently, I elected not to try my luck on the bench.

High Incline Dumbell Press

14kg x 10
16kg x 8
18kg x 5

These felt pretty tough. I used to be much better at them, back in the day, so I need to work my way back up. Currently I suck.

DB Rows

24kg x 10 (per arm)
26kg x 8 (per side)


6, 5, 5

Same as last time.

Superset #1

Lat Pulldown (40kg) x 10
Straight Arm Pulldown (20kg) x 10

Superset #2

Lat Pulldown (40kg) x 10
Straight Arm Pulldown (15kg) x 10

I had to drop the weight on the second round as my muscles were fried. And thus I decided that was enough for me.

5pm - Walk (approx 1 hr 20). I dropped my laundry off at the laundrette on the way, then decided to go to Wandsworth Common which is a bit further away but was a nice change of scene. It also has a small trim trail so I did 4 x 10 incline push-ups, 2 x 10 stepovers on the hurdles, 2 x 20 squats (bum touching the hurdle so basically a box squat) and a couple of strolls along the balance beam (hard! I don't know how Nadia can do cartwheels on it - I can just about walk if I take it slowly).
Nothing more vigorous than that because it's 30 degrees out (86F) and I wasn't wearing a bra.
Still, I had a nice amount of underboob sweat when I walked back.


6am - glutamine + 1000mg vit C
10am - 2 scoops whey protein, 2g fish oils
1pm - 2 scoops whey protein, 2g fish oils (might have been a bit less than 2 scoops - I was finishing off a bag of protein)
4pm - 2 scoops whey protein, 2g fish oils
7.45pm - can of tuna, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, 2g fish oils

A few cups of tea plus skimmed milk

In other news, I've ordered a swimsuit, hat and goggles. My local, not so nice pool does have an adult only session from 6.30 - 8.30am on weekdays, when the pool is likely at its cleanest. So I'm going to give it a try.
I'm not brave enough to try the outdoor pool on Tooting Common yet as it's unheated and even in this weather I'm too much of a pussy.


I dig tea. I just can't drink it on an empty stomach or I get very nauseous. Perhaps it is because I drink it black and instead of the tannins complexing with something like the proteins in the nonexistent milk, they bind to the proteins lining my stomach instead. shrug

Sorry if I am confusing. I can get verbose.

Training looks really good.


I don't like black tea - I find it too bitter. I have a low tolerance for bitter tastes so I don't like comestables like grapefruit, marmalade, beer or gin and tonic. It took me years to drink coffeee.
I drink tea with skimmed milk, not because it's low fat but because I find other milks make it too soupy and smelly. I can't even tolerate semi-skimmed so I often choose coffee instead when I'm visiting a friend or restaurant that doesn't have skimmed.
I will drink green tea on its own, though, but I prefer my ordinary English cuppa (which I drink from a half pint mug, not a dainty cup and saucer).


Wow I don't know how you do those workouts on that amount of food! I'd be one cranky bitch. lol. Your first picture here cracked me up to no end. Looks like you're doing great.


Just for shits and giggles, here's a video of what I got up to last weekend with my friends Colin and Adam.


That place looks like fun! Eww the barefoot trail was a bit gross though, from a fungus filled biological perspective.


August 4th

Training: Free weights gym is closed for work (hopefully aircon!) for two days so I decided to dick around on the C2 rower instead.

1000m: 4.39 (warm-up)
500m: 1:58

30 second sprints:

1: 140m

2: 135m

3: 139m

4: 139m

5: 140m

No set resting time between - just as long as it took me to recover my breath and reset the machine.

I flex my toes quite a lot doing these so I'll have to watch out and see if it's worse tomorrow.

10 minutes Precor, level 10 (fuck this was boring - I don't know how people stay on there for half an hour or more)

3 forward rolls, 10 handstands (still very hit and miss, these)

Short and sweet. I had to get back home because I was expecting my new swimsuit to arrive (it did, just three hours later, grrr).

I still have DOMS from yesterday so I was pretty fried by this. Rowing is hard! Ugh. Also, Flo showed up. 28 days this time - I'm normally around 25, but hey, I was glad the bitch didn't ruin my weekend.

I also went for my foot x-ray. I have to call the doctor again in a week. It'll probably not show anything, sigh.


6.30am Gluten and Vit C.
9am 2 scoops whey, 2g fish oils
12.30am Can of tuna, olive oil, balsamic vinegar. 2g fish oils
4pm 2 scoops whey, 2g fish oils
7.30pm Bowl of chilli, blob of guacamole, black coffee (This was at Ed's Easy Diner. I managed to stay away from the awesome milkshakes and fries. Willpower ftw)

Throughout day: several mugs of tea w/skimmed milk


Hidy, Cal, I just have one question...you gonna eat all that? :wink:

Seriously, keep at it--you're off to a great start!


The sundae? Oh yes, I definitely did. And it was awesome.