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Im doing meltdown training (roughly 20-40 mins), and 30 mins of swimming interval training a day… (swim FAST 30 seconds, then rest a minute)… How many calories am I burning from each, meltdown training, and Any kind of interval training?

From the information you have provided, all i can say in reply is “How long is a piece of string” what are your Stats, Height/weight/BF, etc

Whoops sorry for the lack of info… my BF is 15-17… my height is 6’2, and my weight is about 200 pounds, im also 20…

How long does it take you to do melt down training. Weight training normal uses as many calories as walking quickly, because of the rest periods. But if you are keeping you heart rate high (80% zone) you could guess that it you be equal to the number of calories you would burn on a treatmill at that heart rate for that amount of time.
As for the swimming, since you are doing internvals it would depend on your program. You may want to check out one of the swimming websites.
Best of Luck

It`s always hard to say exactally how many calories are burnt, due to differect peoples metabolic rates, genetics etc…but here is a rough guide to your question. 40 mins of meltdown = 500 - 700Kcal Burnt, 30 min swimming 250 - 350 Kcal Burnt, Cycling 1 hour = 400 - 550Kcal Burnt, normal weight training, 1 hour = 400 - 500Kcal Burnt (for the record, a hour of sex = 200 - 300Kcal burnt…depending on intensity :slight_smile: ) and running is about the same as cycling… Hope this Helps. Paul Govier