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i weigh 180 lbs and want to gain .5-1 lb per week till i get to 190 and have the majority of it be muscle, what should my #'s look like? protein and carbs and fat? i workout 4 times per week and about 10% bf.

Josh, before anyone can give you a real answer, we need more info. How old are you? Are you going to be taking any supps/gear, etc.? What does your training routine look like? What kind of diet are you on now? Etc.

I would suggest starting at a caloric level of 16-18x bodyweight in lbs, depending on your metabolism. Then, if necessary, adjust by ~250 calories per week until you are at your maintenance level. At this point, add enough cals so that are you gaining weight at your desired pace. This will take some personal tweaking on your part. As far as macro percentages go, that is a highly individual topic and will take some experimenting on your part.

read John Berardi’s “Massive Eating” articles. One of them provides a calculation that you can do to figure out how many calories you need to eat in order to gain weight. You’ll be surprised at how much you really need to eat. Before I used it, I thought I just couldn’t gain weight, but I’ve gained 14 lbs. since then.

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i am 19 and train 4 times a week for about an hr and a half very hard, i take protein supps and that is alll. i am taking in 200g of protein and 300 carbs and 130 fat now. thanks!

JOSH, cut your workout down to one hour, tops !

Bump your protein up to about 360g and get your calories up to 4000. You’ll gain a lttle fat, but your body will explode.