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Calories without Carbs?


I have crohn's disease and carbs are bad. I am also more of an ectomorph.

Is there a way for me to take in large amounts of calories without the carbs?




and proteins.


and thats it.



Yeah that’s it. Do a search though there’s a couple other guys here with experience with Crohn’s.


I have taken a while to get back to you guys as I have searched the forums and out of all the forum postings in regards to “crohn”, I didn’t find anything on diet recommendations.

when you say fats, what kind? I’m new to body building. I don’t know much about saturated, unsaturated, polyunsaturated, etc.

I have a weight gainer, but it’s full of carbs, this would cause me a lot of pain…not sure if an enzyme would pre-digest the carbs and stop the pain? I may just try a glass with a digestive enzyme and see what happens.
Will proteins and fats alone show me large gains when working hard at the gym?

I have still yet to figure out a workout routine…i.e. the amounts of reps/sets, what types of exercises to do, etc.

I’m 6’2" currently 200lbs, probably 15%+ body fat. I would like to be bigger in the traps, lats, obliques, arms legs, chest, pretty much all around, any suggestions guys?


one other thing I’d love to know is:

prednisone makes me super hungry and I can eat nearly 3 times as much as usual, and feel great when eating that much. It also makes me feel really strong. When I quit taking prednisone (as I’m worried about long term usage) I would like to have something else…Is there something (supplement; large quantities?, food?) that I can take that has a similar effect on my body/intestinal tract?



Fish oil
Coconut oil
Olive Oil
Animal Fats


i have ibs and react well to a low carb diet (and am also trying to gain weight) so i’m in almost the same situation. for a couple tips… psyllium (sp?) husk and fish oil is your friend, i take lots. as well, olive oil is a great source of calories- u can even drink it in shots.

forget practically all commercial supplements, eat real food as much as possible.

also simple-carbs might not cause you pain like complex carbs. you know your body the best, but i’d suggest trying berries and citrus fruits.

good luck