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Calories Too Low?


I am wondering if my overall calories are too low? I keep my calories at about 1800 a day. I am on a ketogenic diet consisting of protein shakes, natural peanut butter, avocados, hard-boiled eggs, and fish oil. Due to financial reasons for the past 6 weeks my food intake has been limited, and my ability to lift have been put on hold.

I have been employing calisthenics, like push ups, calf raises, and body weight squats. For conditioning I do tabata thrusters about twice a week and an hour of cardio a day consisting of walking with a weighted pack. I have lost a significant amount of weight, unfortunately some muscle.

I am now able to lift, so I was wondering if I should increase calories as a result? For example, utilizing high GI carbs after lifting. Any input is appreciated.


Definitely, you will be burning more calories and taxing your CNS a lot more now that you will be lifting again, so you'll need more food for recovery.

Start by adding in proper PWO nutrition, and monitor progress from there, depending on what your further goals are.

Have you lost all the fat you wanted to? Then start increasing calories until you are eating at a maintenance level, and keep it there for a good 6 weeks or so. Once you are happy you are not putting any fat back on, start slowly increasing calories to add some muscle.


Solid advice. One note about adding calories back in - I like to start adding them in around my workouts and breakfast. Just a little easy thing to help keep the fat off.