Calories to Maintain Very Lean Athletic Build?

Height 6-0, 175 lb, somewhere around 8% bf (goal is 6-8%) I’d guess and I lift 30 minutes 4 times/week, and do 30 minutes cardio everyday. I consume 2650 calories on lift + cardio days, and 2 days are 2150 cal on cardio only days, and 1 cheat meal/week (2700 cal pizza) for a total of 3600 for the third cardio only day. I am NOT looking to build significant muscle, but gaining a little would not anger me.

Here’s my workout routine/nutrition:

Mon. LB wt. + 30 sec Bike intervals (30 sec fast/60 sec recover) - 2650 cal
Tue. UB Wt. + 25 KB Swings/ 2 min.Incline Walk Intervals - 2150 cal
Wed. Steady State Bike - 2150 cal
Thur. LB wt. + 25 KB Swing/2 min. Incline Walk Intervals - 2650 cal
Fri. UB wt. + Bike intervals (30 sec fast/60 sec recover) - 2650 cal
Sat. 25 KB Swings/2 min. Incline Walk Intervals (Cheat meal day) - 3600 cal
Sun. Steady state Bike - 2150 cal

I’ve recently been getting lean much quicker the last 8 weeks (was leaning out before but was much slower in comparison), since I’ve kept up the same lifting/cardio routine and the exact same nutrition, but what happens when I quit this job (and get a non-manual labor job) after another say 4-6 weeks? At that point I think I’ll be lean enough to maintain for the long-term.

I may stick with same calories and adjust when necessary (cut up to 150 cal from carbs possibly), but I’ve never been this lean in my life and I don’t want to go backwards. Whatever changes I make, I’m sticking with, so I’m not pre-comp mentality or anything, I just want to be lean, athletic, and healthy for the rest of my life.

Thoughts? I’d be interested in others in the same situation and/or who have a good protocol going.