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Calories Post Surgery

Just had a vasectomy and will be down for two weeks from lifting although I will be doing some mobility work next week. How should one eat following surgery? Since I’m not training my calorie needs are obviously way down, but is this a good time to cut calories and try to lose a bit of my bulk fat since I’m not building anyway, or would that make recovery take significantly longer? Should I just eat at maintenance or would running a surplus make a significant increase in healing time?

Please reread what you wrote.

Sorry they gave me hydrocodone, maybe I’m not wording my question right. What I’m asking is whether it is worthwhile to eat excess for recovery or if the effect on recovery would not be enough to justify the impact on body comp.

Recovery from what?

What you’re asking is akin to, I nicked my finger while cutting a bagel… If I eat less calories will my recovery be impacted or if I eat a surplus will I recover even more quickly?

Have you ever seen any type of correlation between your diet and healing a paper cut? How about a scrape on your knee?

You can loose bulk in two weeks?

See the big picture and stop it with the micro management.

Have you never taken a 2 week break from the gym? Use your experience.

Micro- managing diet and training actually makes me happy… I am a numbers guy

I have never taken a two week break, I’ve never been injured that bad, five days I think is the most I missed. I have just been doing deload/ mobility weeks if I need a break.

It was in large part a matter of curiosity. I found that recovering from surgery takes 100-200 calories so really nt much of a difference. And I’m guessing that the body would prioritize wound healing over other functions in the event of a calorie deficit. I just couldn’t find information on whether there was perhaps a study on diet and wound healing. I see your point Dr Pangloss, but for a larger and more invasive surgery, or say an injury from a car accident, would diet have a meaningful effect on healing?

Numbers guy and micro management is not the same.

Do what doesn’t hurt. Go back to regular programming when you can. Two weeks is nothing in the grand scheme of things.

Again, don’t over analyze the simple test.

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