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Calories on ketogenic diet

After reading CT’s stepped ketogenic diet strategy in his newsletter, Im considering trying this to lean out for summer. I do however have the following question:

How much of a caloric deficit to shoot for, - is the usual 500 kcals/day fine ?

And how would you recommend calculating it, - based on weight or LBM, and using Harris-Benedict or other formulas ?

The best way is to find out your baseline “stable” caloric level. A good starting point is around 12-14 kcals per pound of bodyweight. In other words, the amount of calories at which you don’t gain or lose weight. Decrease this by 250kcals per day on average. After a week, you reduce it by another 250kcals. During the thried week you also reduce it by 250kcals.

CT, - are the 250 kcal steps for finding the baselevel, or after finding the base-level ?

Additionally,- would you use the carb spike after both weight training and HIIT workouts ?

DD90 - Do you have a link to this article? I would be interested in reading this…CT has some great reads!

its for his newsletter, pm me your e-mail and I can send you a copy

Or better yet, register for free by sending me an email at the_beast@t-mag.com!

I finally got to read the article…no suprises here - a REAL solid plan laid out to be executed. I really like the idea that you end up running the ol’ tried and true JB mix at the end (P+F, P+C). To me, this means that the dieter will be reintroducing carbs to allow for a little more “normal” eating style that can be maintained long term to maximize health.