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Calories on a Blast

I’m on TRT and I’ll be starting a blast of 500mg test c/wk for 12 weeks and I need some advice with regard to calorie intake for the blast.

~10% bf
218 lbs

Cals - Training day - 3500
Rest day - 3000
Carbs - 350-380
Pro - 280-300
Fat - 95-120
*the above is an average taken from training days

I finished a successful 10 week diet about 7 weeks ago where I got to about 8% bf (I don’t like to put a number to it but I’d say I was about 8 weeks out from contest leanness) I have since been reverse dieting gradually adding calories and getting the metabolism back to where it needs to be. In doing so I feel I’ve put myself into a good position for some ‘lean gains’ in the following 12 weeks.

What I would like to know is; how many calories would you add and when? What would this look like in terms of macros?
I was originally thinking to start at 3800 TD, 3300 Rest day from week 1. Since protein is probably at its limit for me I was planning on making these up with added carbs, thoughts?

My dilemma is that I want to make the most from the blast but I would also like to avoid unnecessary fat gain. Some of which, I’m sure, is inevitable.

Any insight is welcomed.



if youre that lean just eat… eat everything and as much as you can… im eating as much as i have time for and eating everything… even snickers bars just trying to get in as much calories and carbs as i can… and have yet to see a negative effect…

when i dropped the extra fats and replaced them with carbs my body changed drastically.

500 cals above what you burn should be good… I think the most important thing is protien 2x BW IMO to make sure you make the most of the blast… As far as Macros is depends on what you like as a fuel source… Some guys like low fat some like low carb…

Personally when bulking when ON I think protien at 50%+ and the rest clean & its all good. On blast lets say you gain 20-25lbs which would be sweet… So what if BF goes up 2-4% Once back on cruise you can shred that off in 4-6 weeks with clean eating and cardio… Just dont waste yur new gains