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Calories Needed for Recovery on Off Days

So let’s assume my BMR is approximately 2000 and my cal needed for growth is around 3000
(using the simple 11xBW and 17xBW)

And lets say I’m wanting to put on about a pound a week to minimize fat gain which means I’d need an extra 3600 cal a week

I’m working out on MWF (full body) and wondering how many cal I need on my off days directly following workout days to recover properly…

So would I equally divide the extra 3600 cals over all 7 days?

Or would I add an additional 1200 to my 3 workout days which gives me about the same 3600 extra weekly cals but leave all off days at maintenance?

and if you say no maintenance is not enough cals on the days off to recovery properly i ask you this…how many calories above maintenance is needed on off days to recover? since theoretically i AM getting my extra 3600 cals per week

*side note I did not include extra calories I would burn working out just to keep things simple…I would obviously need to account for that when training but I wanted to make this not confusing

Why are you even attempting to make this shit harder than it even is?

First of all, your numbers are erroneous (and confused the hell out of me, for one formula is generally for weight loss and the other for weight gain…never do the two intertwine).

Secondly, your question sounds like a carb cycling question, but to me, carb cycling on a bulk makes no sense.

Carb cycling and worrying about how to split the carbs is generally reserved for those on a weight loss kick.

Here’s how to go about solving your quandary:

  1. properly calculate your BMR
  2. add about 500(+/-) calories to it
  3. figure out what your macro nutrient ratio will be
  4. EVERY DAY, eat over your maintenance with little (to no regard) for body fat accumulation (which shouldn’t be much, as long as you’re eating properly and hitting that iron hard enough).


That should help…unless I misunderstood your question.