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Calories/Macros in Chicken


Chicken (4 oz.) 140 kcals 25 pro 0 carbs 4 fat

So I've been working out for a bit now and, according to my spreadsheet, this is the caloric content of 4oz of chicken (oven-cooked). I'm currently undergoing a short 3 month mini-cut, making very small adjustments in order reduce any extraneous fat gain before I go ahead and continue bulking this winter. Now, currently my protein is at roughly 270 (and, at a body weight of 200 lbs., I would not want to go any lower)

The one thing that concerns me is that, according to some websites, my protein intake is over 300 and, if this is the case, I could do to drop some of the chicken to hit my goals.

Currently all of my protein is coming mostly from 6 whole eggs and 32 oz. of chicken split into two meals. I just wanted to get an idea from the other members if they think that this estimate is roughly correct, or if I may be drastically over/under-estimating my kcals since it seems that every source on the calories and macronutrients of a breast of chicken is different.. lol

Any ideas?


I don’t see any value in protein being as high as that. There’s definitely no scientific literature that supports it.


Your calories could seem off since chicken a lot of times has closer to 35g per 4oz when cooked. You need to look at the fat content as when I plug in chicken it says 25g per 4oz raw, but 34g when cooked. Expand that over 8 servings and that’s 70ish more grams of protein a day which means you’d be up closer to 340, not 270.

As an aside I used to eat really high protein like you too, but am experimenting with bringing it down. Have it at 250 now only since I want 200g from animal sources so that accounts for the incidental from veggies, oats, etc. I’m also 200lbs



Right now, at 270g, that would be 1.35x bodyweight (this is including incidental protein from other sources). I don’t see what is so high about that. You are right though… one of the purposes of this mini-diet is to drop protein to roughly 1.25x and get my fats from 30% down closer to 20%, if possible, so that I can have more room for carbs…


Thank you for actually answering my question! I have seen differing sources (such as you noted) that might put my intake at closer to 350g protein if 4oz of chicken is closer to 35g protein. If this is the case, then I would loooooove to drop the protein, as I am taking much more than necessary, but the varying sources is what is leading to my confusion… lol

Unfortunately, the people who I look up to all seem to at least be taking in at least 1.25x, preferably 1.5x bodyweight, so I doubt I’d be willing to drop below the first number…

Is there anywhere I can get a definitive answer on this?

Edit: It would appear as if, even utilizing the more conservative 25g protein per 4oz figure, I could still drop down to 28oz a day (two 14oz servings) and still be at roughly 1.25x bodyweight, so that may be the adjustment I make at the end of next week… dropping 1tbsp EVOO 2 weeks after that, and another tbsp EVOO 2 weeks after that to finish this out…

Edit2: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AosloK_69NcMdDlwb044U29TaXY4NjhjUXRsTGhfT3c&usp=sharing

^ spreadsheet if anybody is interested, carb cycling + presently running 5/3/1 with 3 high days, 1 medium day, and 3 off days (adjusting the calories as needed)