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Calories In Verses Calories Out


okay so i did some math and figured that my BMR is 1988 cal and i know its just a rough estimate but on all of my training days im burning around 1344-1521 cal. if i add my BMR calories to my training calories it adds up to 3332-3509 cal. so for fat loss should i be eating 10-20% less than the above estimations. again i know its just an estimate but when it comes to nutrion im lost and my fat loss has stalled so i need help.



You don't look like you need to loose any weight. You look young and primed to Grow! Some of the IF guys might take a stab at this one, but you don't provide enough information. What do your current macros(% of protein, carb, & fat) look like? What is your meal schedule? For how long has it been that way? What did you weigh when you started? Now? What type of conditioning work have you been doing? What are your strength levels like? etc.

Help us out....and we will try to help you out.


Listen to this dude..he's a vet ^^ What he's doing is obviously working.


As I had this talk about BMR with you, here is my answer.

You are over complicating things.

How long has it stalled? 2-3 weeks? or 2-3 days? 2-3 months?

If you have stalled and your strength is still there, lower the calories. SLOWLY. start with 200 calories.

If you have stalled and your strength is gone (or you are irritable, extra tired, cranky), up the calories a bit or take two days off in a row and eat.

Also, write down what you are eating in a day, and post it here, noting the time.

We await your post.


well the issue is ive been on a constant low calorie diet for months and i never knew much about nutrition so i didnt know that was a bad thing espesially since i never went above 2000 calories and would be as low as 1200 sometimes. ive been stalled since wrestling season ended so since spring and ive fluctuated between 188-195lbs that entire time. im stronger than ever and ive hit new PRs in the deadlift and squat.


8 am wake up-run 45 minutes

9 am 4 whole eggs tbs ketchup 1 multivitamin 2 cinnimon 400 iu vitamin d

11:30 am 8 oz grilled chicken breast tbs ketchup tbs natural peanut butter 2 fish oil pills

1:30-2:30 pm train peri-workout 23 grams of whey protein with 1/2 cup of canned fruit cocktail blended with .75 liters of water

2:49-2:59 circuit traing that matches the days workout

3:10 post workout 23 grams whey with a tbs and 1/2 of honey

5:15 4 oz chicken breast 2oz 80/20 ground beef

7:30 homemade soup-4 oz grilled chicken breast 2 oz 80/20 ground beef 1 cup and 1/2 chicken stock and lots of veggies

8:30 1 cup lowfat cottage cheese with 1/3 of a cup of whole milk and 11 grams whey

that was today


You can fill that body out man, no need to lose weight.


i gotta drop a few pounds for next wrestling season and id rather it be just fat instead of fat and muscle


Like Blue said, we need to know your macros.
I see that you posted a meal schedule for one day but if you could break it into macros and then give a percent of total calories for each that would be great.

Protein X grams
Carbs X grams
Fat X grams
Ratios Protein%/Carbs%/Fat%
Total calories: X


What level are you wrestling? High school or college? Man, with all the work wrestlers do you seriously need to make sure you are preserving the muscle you have and not burning it up....these guys seem to know their stuff on here so let them help you out...I dont come around here as often as years ago, but wrestlers tend to under eat and over train...and that can chew up muscle and have you more worried about trying to get lean when you are already doing low cal strict eating more than most HS or college grapplers, and training 2 times a day....you need the right kind of fuel....and you need to make sure you are training properly for your sport....

Id be curious to see your workout plans....id totally ditch the fasting 45 minutes cardio in the AM...no need for that as a wrestler unless you are way over your weight class...


Mondays workout:
AM 30-45 minutes fasted running

PM 3 supersets of 5 rep deadlift clusters and 5 chin-ups
3 supersets of 6 rep sumo-deadlifts and t-bar rows
3 supersets of 8 back-extentions (hyper extentions) and 10 inverted rows
Christian Thibaudeau's Ab Training for Athletes and Babehounds, 2K3
10-15 minutes ciruit training:
6 hang-cleans
6 kipping pullups
8-10 box jumps
8-10 40 pound kettle bell swings

10-15 minutes 100 meter sprints with one minute rest

Friday-interval and circuit training


oh and im a highschool wrestler


Wow thats some hard core dedication for a HS wrestler! I dig it man!!!

Im in a little rush so cant comment on all of your workout, but Id consider ditching the morning fasted running. You might be overtraining and road work is the least bang for your buck as a fighting athlete.

On first glance somethings that stick out. Im not a fan of this kipping pullup stuff, save your shoulders/back and everything else your gonna need for a long time my friend. Also I would not be doing hang cleans at the end of a workout in a circuit fashion, that defeats the purpose of "power"cleans. Hang cleans is something you do while fresh at the front of the workout.

Keep training hard man that is sweet work ethic.


okay so im dropping wieght again im down from 189 last thursday to 186 today i thonk i figured it out. I just increased my calories and my workout intensity which i think is g-flux is G-Flux