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Calories in Thai Food?


I'm on a low carb diet and try to stay clear of high calorie meals. At least once a month I generally have to go for Thai food for work. I'm kinda unfamiliar with thai food. Does that style of food generaly have high calorie dishes or no? I've eaten Thai a couple times and it seems mostly like veggies/meat/and rice. But I dunno about the sauces with regards to calories.


Low carb Thai food is easy - skip the rice, eat Tom Kha or Tom Yum, Larb, Nam Tok, Pad Grapao, Pad Med Mamoung Himaphan. Low calorie, on the other hand, will be a toughie as you'll miss out on all the tasty and nutritious coconut milk.


Thanks, dude. Low calorie isn't as important as low carb right now. Just gotta be careful the rest of the day. Thanks for the recommendations though!


Avoid the peanut sauce. I love the swimming rama (cooked spinach + chicken + peanut sauce) Get the sauce on the side and you're golden.