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Calories in Sushi


I've been wanting to have some plain Salmon Sushi post workout for a while.

Right now I'm cutting so I need to keep a count on my calories, and I can't get a good estimate online for sushi numbers. Some sites say as little as 120 cal for a roll, other say over 200.

My favorite place offers an 8 piece roll with relatively small pieces, and I was wondering if 180 cal would be a good estimate for 8 pieces of plain salmon sushi. It's been bugging me, especially since the numbers vary so much. Thanks for anyone familiar with the numbers.


don't give into cravings, especially while cutting.


Around 180 is pretty close. I would save the sushi for a refeed day or something though - too many carbs!


Post Workout Meal is the only time I go for carbs... breakfast is egg whites, and other meals are meat+veggies. (cept for sundays--carb up days)

I figure 60g of carbs at one meal following a tough lifting session and HIIT should be good right? Insulin spike w/ some protein?



Be STRONG! Don't give in.

Either way, I'd be curious to know the effects of such a combination of carbs, protein and fat from the salmon - I guess the carbs would make up the bulk of the calories.

Wouldn't it be best to avoid a fatty fish such as salmon PWO as this would slow digestion?
I'm thinking you want your protein digested as fast as possible, especially while cutting.


Just make sure that it would be conducive to your goals and that you're not using the insulin spike to justify a cheat.
I'm not saying you ARE doing that, of course, but I know it's a possibility and I've narrowly avoided such pitfalls myself.
Let's just say some of my carb-loads in the past have not been pretty hehe


I don't think it will make a whole lot of difference.


Aight thanks for the input, I wouldn't think that it'd be a "cheat." I've had great recovery without a "real" post workout meal per se.
Either noodles with meat, rice with meat, something like that. I wouldn't think sushi would be bad, perhaps it would take a little while longer to be processed but not noticeably so. I'll count it at 180 cal a roll and that should be solid.


Balance the carbs out with salmon sashimi


I think my comment was WAY too anal. I was just curious.
I personally wouldn't do it on a regular basis but I'm just picky - whatever works for you.


Are you dieting for a show? or just looking to tighten up a bit?

If it's the latter than eat your sushi PWO. There is nothing wrong with it. Eating some of the fish without the rice is a good idea too. Things like 'fat will slow absorbtion' and 'sushi has too many carbs' simply don't matter in the big picture. Unless you are an elite level ahtlete/BB you don't need to worry about little things. If you are counting cals you should be able to adjust your diet around the "excess" carbs found in sushi. There are so many worse things than sushi and TBH I'd be more worried about the mercury than the macro breakdown of the roll.


I can understand limiting sushi due to the rice....but worrying about salmon is going to get you punched in the face real hard.


I'm just cutting for myself/tennis and it's in no way nearly as intense as for a show. I haven't gone over the 2,000/1,400 yet in three weeks and it's nice to hear for sure that the fat won't mess up the meal too bad. I love T-Nation and Biotest... so many good articles good ppl (and supps). Thanks for the guidance.