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Calories in Roasted Chickens?


Anyone have a ballpark figure on their caloric content. Lets assume one tosses the skin and the obvious chunks of fat. From what I can figure, its got to be around 1000. Any other takes?


Obviously it depends on the size of the chicken. 1,000 is fairly accurate, being that most I have weighed and calculated (store bought rotisserie) come in at about 1,200 to 1,700 kcals with the skin.

I love those chickens with a terrible passion.


According to the USDA nutrient database:


A "Chicken, roasting, meat only, cooked, roasted", is 30% bone, 12% skin, and 1% separable fat" and a 1-lb bird yields 1195 calories (without skin).


You must be a wizard


Nice find, although the chickens I usually see in the store are more like 2-3lbs. And the same USDA site, if you use "meat and skin", gives over 2000 cal if you enter "2x 0.5 chickens".

Looks like the skin adds around 50% of the cals.


I use


for reference on roasted chicken


Did we come to a conclusion? Roughly 1200-1600 per chicken (unless you luck out and get a monster!)?


You got several responses. You can't sort through them, process them and come to a conclusion? Good luck with life.

It sounds like estimates are not good enough and you need to be percise for whatever it is you are doing. If you must have an exact calorie number then you are going to have to cut the meat off and weigh it before you eat it as no two chickens are exactly the same. They are like snowflakes. Precious little snowflakes.


I buy those roasted chicken a few times a week and de-bone/de-skin them right when I get home.

From there it's easy to measure out serving sizes and I normally get about 1300-1500 cals per chicken based on the number of servings. They are so easy and at $4.99 each, you can't beat em.


It yields around 280 Kcal per pound of raw chicken. If you cook it with the skin and fat you will get around 10g of fat per pound after removing skin and fat, if you cook it after removing the skin and fat, it is around 6g of fat per pound of raw chicken and about 235 Kcal. The protein is just over 40g.

fatInIC's figures are per pound of cooked chicken, not raw. They will differ by around 25% compared to raw due to water loss during cooking.