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Calories in Eggs?


Might be a dumb question but I've seen at least 3 different values for calories in a large egg. When you guys are figuring out your cals what do you count 1 whole large egg as?


I look at large egg values:

90 calories:

7grams fat

6grams protein

under 1 gram carbs


If you weigh one of your eggs then you'll know for sure. One large egg is 46grams


I saw the 90 but I've also seen 76 not a huge difference, but if I eat 6 eggs a day its almost 100 calories so I was wondering...I think I'll use the 90 thanks


he 90 is based on an egg weight of 46 grams - so just weight a few and see what the average weight is - then either go with the 76 or 90.



Can't you just check the nutritional information on the carton of eggs you're eating?


Yea, for most egg cartons, the nutritional information in on the inside face of the top of the box. The FDA lets them round up/down to the nearest 5 with Calories and .5 with fat grams, but hopefully you're not that anal.


For the record, though, I use the following values on my FitDay profile.

1 Large Egg
74 Calories
5.0 grams of fast
0.4 g carbs
6.3 protein