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Calories, How Important?


I find it very hard to get the amount of calories all these articles are recommending.. 3000? wtf. before i started lifting and taking nutrition serious i was getting maybe 1200 a day. i can get the right amount of protein they recommend, about 150 grams a day, i eat ALOT of chicken and eggs. if i get the right amount of protein will i still be able to gain weight if i am burning more calories than i consume?


No; no amount of protein will offset a lack of total Calories. Your body will just end up using it, along with probably bodyfat and muscle tissue, to meet its energy needs.

And really its not that hard to get your Calories in. 3000, for example, is nothing.

That is 6 500 Calorie meals.
50 grams protein per meal
50 grams of carbs
22-23 grams of fat per meal.



It you steadily increase your calories on a weekly basis it shouldn't be that bad since your body will have time to adjust to it.

Wait till you get to the point where you need close to 5,000 cals a day to grow. Then it gets a little tougher.


No. This is fundamentally wrong. AT FIRST, a lot of trainees can make muscle gains and fat loss at the same time. Once that initial phase plateaus, you have to switch to a surplus. The problem is that most beginner trainees don't know how to tell when their 'newbie gains' have stopped.


Get some calorie dense food like nuts, EVOO and cheese if you're not used to eating that much yet.


what is EVOO?

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Post your stats.


whole milk none a that skimmed crap.
natural peanut butter, just eat it with a spoon.
shots of olive oil.
muscle milk.
add these foods in and you wont find you calories adding up.




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Are you female? Because 1200 calories is what little girls eat... when they're dieting... seriously.


Extra virgin olive oil


NO! Basic Fucking Arithmetic.
Caloric deficit equals weight loss and little to no muscle gain.
You are not very bright, you should read more books and spend less time surfing the internet.