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Calories for Weight Loss and When to Eat Dinner?


Hi, i was just wondering how much calorie intake a day is good for weight loss. Im just asking because i was curious, ive already lost about 17-18 pounds in the last 7 weeks, but im just wondering.

also, how much time should go past by before you sleep after your dinner? or does it not matter at all


it depends on the person. You can calculate iy for yourself if you want. Here is the article:


Not nearly enough information. Need your weight, metabolic rate, current caloric intake and a blood test.

In short. Eat less than you eat now.


The only way to figure this out is trial and error. It depends on what you eat, how much of it you eat, how much, sleep you get, what your exercise level is, and how fast your metabolism goes normally.

Me, I'm 230, probably at about 20% BF (I really don't know. 40" waist and 6'3"), and I cut about two pounds of fat a week at about 2500kcal, doing HIIT 3x/week and lifting heavy 3x/week (alternating days). Some of the bigger guys can cut on 4k kcal. It really depends.

The way you find out how you do it is you try something and see if it works. You tried something. It's working. Keep doing that, adding something else in every 2-4 weeks to keep progress steady, and you're golden.


Don't worry so much about the calories, but rather the type of calories you're eating: the protein, fat, and carb breakdown.


i already gave him this advice in another post and then he created this one. I think he wants us to give him a magic number