Calories for Skinny Fat Lifter? 6'7", 210 Pounds

Dr. Darden,

6’7, 210 pounds. Almost all fat in chest and abdomen areas. I’ve done once cycle of the Extreme HIT - the results were great! My lower body exploded and my arms are fuller. I also ate my way through the program!

I’d like to flatten my chest and abdomen for the first time ever. I’ve gained control over diet in the past couple of weeks and have been averaging about 2400 calories a day. My next six-week program will be a Negative-Only eccentric overload program, and I plan on following that with an increased resistance Extreme HIT 30-10-30 after one week off.

Should I stay the long course with diet and keep the moderate deficit I’ve got going or bite the bullet and go full-on “Killing the Fat?”

Open to outside advice from Dr. Darden as well if you have had similar experiences in the past.

Thanks! Alex

Not the good Doctor, but Killing Fat. Follow it to a t and you will lose the fat very quickly so you can get back to building a better body sooner.

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That’s okay, I’m definitely looking for as much advice as I can get!

I’m leaning towards Killing Fat style but I thought I’d ask Dr. Darden and the community. It’s always a mental struggle to lower calories and feel like you won’t be able to recover.

Thanks for the prompt reply

You are a rail and want to lose weight? Ridiculous.


A rail on paper - yes. Body composition and genetics are such that even after losing over 30 pounds of fat in the past nine months my chest and stomach are still fatty. So I’ll go as lean as necessary to get them where I want them to be.

If his body composition is bad, it might be a good idea for him to cut Bodyfat before doing a bulk. Reset insulin sensitivity and be at a lower Bodyfat percentage before going through with bulking. It sounds like he’s fairly new to lifting and will probably continue to build muscle in a caloric deficit. There’s no point in him getting overly fat just to try to add muscle a little quicker. I say go ahead and do the killing fat diet then progressively add in about 200 calories every 2 weeks.

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With those stats there is nothing to lose.

Overly fat? He is 6’7 and weighs 210 lbs.

We would need a picture for a better evaluation, maybe he had bad body dysmorphia, but from what he describes, he already has too much fat on his chest and stomach. If he’s really not that fat, then perhaps just eat at maintenance and ascend calories every 2 weeks. He could build muscle and still lose fat in that scenario, like a recomp. His weight is very low for his height and we don’t have any pictures, but I know that any extra fat he has won’t help him in any way.

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Bench and deadlift numbers?

Alexander, before you just did a week of extreme hit as you mentioned had you ever done any exercise before ? Basketball, volley ball? Just trying to get a feeling for where you are at physically ?

Yes - been lifting weights on and off for years. Just got serious last year with 30-10-30. My family genetics is such that the men just hold fat on chest and abs. I’m not going to reach for “gyno” - I’ve seen that in action and that’s not what’s going on here. But there is a tendency to store fat on lovehandles and chest.

Just wanted general diet thoughts here - not exactly thrilled with the idea of going back down to normal height people calories (lol) but if that’s what it takes, I’m game for it.

== Scott==
I think you’ll find every other person on here has the problem of storing fat on our abs and love handle area , ha ha!!

Alex, what is your age and can you describe the results after extreme HIT you’ve ran?
Also, yes, I agree with davemccright’s advice.

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I’d like to see some photos that show your height and weight.

It’s possible. If he has no muscle mass, he would be skinny fat as he originally mentioned.

Here they are - I should have started with the photos.

Let me know what your prescription is!

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When I had my dexascan, the tech told me almost every guy carries his fat in the abs and trunk.

It would be weird to see a guy carry it somewhere else.

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Skinny fat. I’d focus on lifting weights eating at BMR. Your fat appears to be all over. You would benefit from a focused weight program.

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For how long have you been training? Looks to me you’re the perfect candidate for recomp. Stay at maintenance or slightly lower. Go for walks. Train like a madman in the gym

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