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Calories for Figure Athlete with Plazma, MAG-10 and Finibars


I do train at 5 am, use Plazma for pre and periworkouts and
MAG-10 right after. Would appreciate any input on what calorie/macros would look like for the rest of a day. I am coming out of a show, gaining my strength back and starting to build again! I know that carbs in Plazma are different from solid food ones, so should I consider them differently too? Also would like to hear input on Finibars.
Please and Thank you!


Since you are coming off from a show you'll have to start increasing your food gradually again. I'm not sure what your current diet is like or how your body responds to certain foods so I will give you my thoughts based on my own personal experience with the products.

Half of my daily carbs come pre and intra workout from Plazma and I treat these carbs just like any other carb source and they are just worked into my daily nutrition plan accordingly. It really depends on your goal and how you respond to certain foods. If your goal now is to gain strength and continue to grow then you're on the right track with Plazma and MAG-10. If you slowly increase the Plazma and increase the intensity of your workouts you'll see amazing improvements.

Since my show I've increased my Plazma up to 3 servings now and I'm loving my workouts and the improvements I'm making. My main goal right now is strength and to put on size for my next figure show and personally I always keep my proteins and carbs high and fat intake low.

Finibars are awesome...I know a lot of people who eat them before the workout (about 60min before) I find they are very easy to digest and give me energy before the workout or anytime in the day... They also taste amazing!! The dark chocolate flavor is sooooo good!

My husband does all of my training and diet programs and he has a coaching forum here on T-Nation if you'd like him take a look at your program and make some suggestions.

Hope your show went well and good luck with your training!!


Thank you Bron! That was helpful! I am already 4 weeks post show (which I took 2nd in masters and 3rd in novice). My calories were very low 1350 a day with higher carb and protein and only 15% fat. As of right now its up to 1400. So I started Biotest supplements and really love results! But was confused with carbs counts. Now it is clearer.

So I'll increase Plazma to 1.5 and then 2 servings for next 2 weeks. Will update you on a progress if you don't mind. I looked into your other threads and so you doing 2300 a day. I guess that would be ok for me too when I'll get as strong as before show, and hopefully even more. I am planning to compete again in March, so I have time.
Thank you again Bron!


And thank you for the link to your husband's forum. Will take opportunity to pick his brain.


That's awesome, congrats on the placings. And yes, you've got plenty of time to make improvements before March! Just increase everything SLOWLY to give your body time to adjust.

Keep me updated for sure, I'll be interested to see how you progress.