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Calories for 'Cutting'

I’m thinking about a Mag-10 cutting cycle, but I could use some advice.

How should I set my calories for such a cycle? - Obviously I’d need to eat less calories than I burn, but with Mag-10, how would I even guess what my calorie expenditures will be?

Also, what sort of training would be best for this situation? - My first thought would be to just use ‘Plan for Success’/‘Growth Surge’ (except for the calorie recommendations) and add some aerobics… But would that really be ideal here?

Currently, I’m about 183lbs. at 7.4% BF. - I’d like to eventually get that BF down to about 4.5% (which seems to be ideal for me). - I don’t expect to lose all of that fat during the above cycle, but if I could drop a good 4-5 pounds of fat during this 2-week cycle (while maintaining and/or gaining muscle) – that’d be excellent!

Any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated - especially from those who’ve done similar cycles in the past(or present).

I’d look into Joel’s Cheater’s Diet/EDT program. If you don’t feel like doing that, Chad’s NB3 program is awesome.

You can probably bring your cals down to 8 x LBM, with half that coming form protein.