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Calories, Carbs, and FAT?

hey guys,

Quick question.

I am trying to bulk right now by squeezing in as many calories and carbs as i can. My question is whether i eat say a slice of whole wheat bread with 18grams of carbs and 90 calories will convert itself to more fat than say any other food that has same amount of calories but less carbs?

I guess the question I am asking is what counts more, calories or carbs in terms of adding fat?

Total calorie surplus (the extra past your daily calories spent) and activity levels determine fat gain.

If you’re active and working out you’ll usually burn up carbs even if you’ve got a calorie surplus and if you’re eating enough protein you should add or at least preserve muscle mass.

If you’re lazy and eating a surplus of calories, you’ll get fat.

It’s more complex than that but those are the basics.