Calories Burnt ?'s

I was just curious if anyone knew about how many calories a typical person would burn if they did nothing but lay in bed all day?

And if you can answer that, maybe you can answer this:

If a persons day consisted of walking the dog for half a mile, running a few errands and light housework, about how many calories would that burn in a day?

Don’t worry so much about why i’m asking, i’m just curious. :stuck_out_tongue:


Uh…do the math. JB goes into this with Massive Eating.


Sorry to go off topic but Im going to.

Is it just me or do these type of question bring up two memories in any one else

1 being stroy probs from math class. “if a train was departind from St. Louis at 4:15…”

2 being the sparrow skit from Monty Phytons search for the Holy Grail. “was that an english sparrow or and… AHHHH!!”

Ok end off topic.

No telling you bro it individual to everyone. Any equation will get you a rough VERY rough estiamt to start from thats about it. Your only other choice would be spend some JACK$$$ get hooked up to all kind of fancified medical equip and get your expendature monitored and measured.

Best of luck